Flexispy Review – Is this the best cell phone monitoring option?

Need to monitor someone’s cell phone?

This software has always been among the top solutions for those seeking cell phone monitoring and with the recent legal case against Stealthgenie, making other providers change the terms on which they operate, FlexiSPY is poised to claim the number one spot. The market for spy software forever improving its offerings with regard to features and support and FlexiSPY has been no different with a wide array of services to match nearly any perceived need. Following the legal case against Stealthgenie, they have suspended their services and mSpy have removed two of their best features recording surroundings and call recording.


MobileSpy has decided to make its software visible on the users phone trying to stay within the terms of U.S. legal framework. FlexiSPY looks set to gain major market share as they now provide premium services that their main competitors either never or no longer provide.
Flexipsy can do this based on the fact that neither the company behind it nor any of its infrastructure (servers etc.) are based in the U.S. This gives them a major competitive advantage in allowing them to provide services that may contravene U.S. privacy laws which the other software providers are trying to adhere to.

Whilst this leaves the company free to advertise the use of the product anyway they want, the onus is still on the user to use the service in keeping with the laws of their country.

FlexiSPY went through an upgrade of their Monitoring Control Center and website adding a range of new options and levels of pricing. You can access the data logs and interact with the phone or device you are monitoring through a very clean looking and user-friendly control panel.


(Correct as of 20th Oct 2014)
Similar to all providers they work hard to keep releasing updates to be compatible with the latest releases of operating systems. Like the others, they strive to release updates to match the latest operating systems.

As of 20th Oct the system supports the following:

  • iPad /iPad up to version 7.1.2
  • BlackBerry up to version 7.1
  • Android from version 2.3 up to 4.4.2
  • Nokia Symbian – with limited features


Most of the big operators in this market offer an array of similar spying features varying only in their control panels and price points. However, given the recent changes, FlexiSPY now offers the most comprehensive set of features to cover any monitoring need.
As with most providers you can monitor websites visited, text, email, contacts, bookmarks photos, videos, call logs and GPRS Tracking. FlexiSPY has a package called Extreme which in addition to the above also offers Live Call Listening, Call Recording, Surroundings Recording, and Remote Spy Camera. If you wish to listen to or record actual voice calls – FlexiSPY is now your only option.

Call Interception

Using the Extreme version of FlexiSPY you have the ability to listen into live phone conversations. If this is a service you are looking for then the extreme package is the only one for you and the main reason why Extreme is relatively expensive.
It is important to be aware that it is not compatible with all carriers. However the service does give a refund within 10 days, so if you find call listening doesn’t work for you can get a full refund or go for the more basic package.

This service works by you nominating a phone number or numbers to which you will receive an alert by text or email when the target phone is in use. You can then make a call to the monitored phone (from your own cell phone) which the target cannot see and listen in on the conversation. This works by silently adding you into a conference call with the target phone and needs the targets carrier to be compatible with conference calling which some carriers don’t offer.
Whilst this is a useful feature, for some specific cases, most people e.g. parents will not need it. Who really wants to run to a phone every time they get an alert to listen in live their teenage daughters endless rants about Justin Bieber!

Recording Phone Calls

A better option which works on most carriers is to record phone calls which are saved in the control panel and you can listen to at your convenience. You can also download all calls to you pc. There is an option to record every call or just calls to and from selected numbers.
You also have the option to use the target phone/device microphone to record its surroundings which operates similar to a remote bug.

Monitoring Social Sites and Messengers

FlexiSPY is definitely ahead of the competition when it comes to the comprehensive list of apps and websites you can monitor.

As of writing this you can monitor*:

  • Skype
  • Viber
  • WeChat
  • SnapChat
  • Hangouts
  • Facebook
  • FaceBook Messenger
  • Line
  • WhatsApp
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • BlackBerry Messenger and Pin
  • iMessage.
  • Android phones need to be Rooted for IM monitoring

Password Cracker

Included with the Extreme package is the Password Cracker which essentially works like a keylogger and will give you all the pin numbers or passwords for the target device itself and any websites, messenger apps and email used on the phone or device. If you don’t plan on getting the Extreme plan you can purchase this software separately.

Location Tracking

The location tracking service allows you to see in real time there the phone or device is and also plots on a map where the device has been over a longer period of time. You can set up alerts to let you know when the device enters or leaves a pre-determined area which is a great tool for both parents and employers.

Service and Support

The service is rated one of the best for their service and support. They also give a no quibble 10 day money guarantee if the user is not satisfied. Their website has a great deal of useful and detailed information. FlexiSPY support is operates Monday to Saturday on a 24 hours a day basis.

Control Center

FlexiSPY has reworked their interface earlier in the year and now it is extremely easy to use and personalize to your needs. Below is some of the added functionality of the new control center:

  • Setting alerts and notifications
  • Update the software without further access to the device
  • Renew Subscription
  • View installed programs
  • Sim change notification
  • Remotely Uninstall the software

You can control these functions and much more without needing physical access to the target phone or device. It is also where you can review and store all of the recordings and logs with ease from your phone, device or PC.


Alerts System

The Alerts System not only allows you to set up Geo-Location alerts but also allows you to set up phone numbers or keywords for which you will receive a notification if they are used in SMS or emails

FlexiSPY Price Plans

The service has a very simple and easy to understand price plan consisting of two packages i.e. Premium and Extreme. The no questions 10 day refund applies to both unless you pay by PayPal in which case you get a 10% discount but lose the 10 day refund.

  • FlexiSPY Extreme – $349
  • FlexiSPY Premium – $149

They have four main payment options – Wire transfer, Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal*.



With the changes that are currently happening, with their competitors mSpy, Stealthgenie and Mobilespy, FlexiSPY’s Extreme Package simply has no competition. Yes, it is pricey at $349 but it’s range of features simply cannot be got elsewhere.
However the Premium Package at $149 is targeted at those who do not need all the bells and whistles and competes favorably with the other providers on both price and features.


In summing up I would like to say that having tried quite a few other providers none came even close to the comprehensive nature of FlexiSPY Extreme package. If you could live with less functionality and just need a basic package the Premium is about on par if not a little better than most of the others.

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