Best Headsets for Gaming 2015

Whatever type of online gaming you enjoy, having a great gaming headset allows you to use voice chat and immerse yourself in the game. It is the only way to update your teammates in the heat of a fight or to taunt your opposition when you finish him off with a headshot.

What are the properties of a good gaming headset? The first thing to do is check whether they are compatible with your PC or game console. PS4 or Xbox One gamers need to verify that you don’t have to purchase an adapter to allow the headset to work.

It is also important to have a light headband and comfortable cushions for when you are playing for extended periods. A quality microphone with background noise filtering should also be up there on youR list should you want your taunts or orders to come across with the clarity they deserve.

A wireless set gives you greater freedom of movement and also avoids the mess of cables. Headphones that support surround sound can help with sound direction giving you a gaming advantage in a lot games, especially FPS, allowing you to hear the footsteps of an opponent approaching you.

We went through our reviews to look at our favorites:

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR

Compatible with: Android and iOS, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, PS3 & PS4

sound-blaster-evo-zxrCreative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR is on the pricier end of the list but have a wide range and re suitable for gaming, watching your favourite movie or listening to your sound system. The sound blaster works extremely well as a set of wireless headphones with NFC connectivity and Bluetooth. The large cans with soft comfortable cushions make them ideally suited for long gaming sessions.

The best part of the Creative sound Blaster is Creative’s SBX Pro Studio technology which allows you to set up seperate profiles depending on whether you are using it for music, film or gaming. The cans have dual microphones  hidden within the cups and gice a crisp and clear transmission of your voice. The set is good value, even though they are on the expensive side, giving  a pair of brilliant sounding wireless headphones.

SteelSeries H Wireless

Compatible with: Android, PC, Xbox 360 and One, Mac, iOS  & PlayStation 3 and 4

SteelSeries H WirelessOn the high-end of the scale is the SteelSeries H Wireless gaming headset that includes a desktop USB controller with a battery charger built in. It includes any cable you could possibly want Xbox 360 chat, optical digital, miniUSB to USB, 3.5mm audio,  and mobile phone. You can even plug in another pair of headphones using the sharing port on the headset. the headset is compatible with all PC’s or Mac. The Steelseries H doesn’t have bluetooth but is wireless via a USB controller.

The bass over play means the headphones aren’t ideally suited for music or movies. However the sound signature  works great for gaming allow the user to track the direction of gun-fire and footsteps much easier than on others. There is an option of Dolby Virtual Surround Sound which makes sound positioning even better. The microphone won’t wow you but is works fine for voice chat. It doesnt have the versatility of other headsets as regards use for music or movies but when it comes to gaming it is ideally suited.

Sennheiser G4ME One

Compatible with: PS4 (Requires adaptor),PC, Mac 

Sennheiser G4ME OneSennheiser have a reputation for producing quality headphones and it’s no surprise that the G4ME One is a top quality product. The predominantly plastic headset features huge soft ear pads and a large microphone with a  volume wheel  on the earcup to make it very contrllable and user friendly.

The clarity of this set is amazing. For those who want versatility, it is also great for watching movies, delivering a clear all inclusive sound. Because of the design audio tends to leak out from the G4ME One which means they are more suited to home use. It is a very comfortable wear, sounds good and with its ability to be used for more than just gaming, you would have to consider this all-rounder.

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