Pick-Up Sign App – A practical solution to create Pick-up signs

Airports are bustling places where a great diversity of people coincide. The arrival gates are particularly interesting because that is where families and friends reunite, and where strangers get to meet for the first time.

When you are waiting for one of your loved ones, or someone that you have seen before, you simply need to keep an eye and wave whenever you see them passing through the gates. However, tour managers, taxi drivers, chauffeurs or anyone else who is picking up someone they hadn’t met yet, usually have to hold signs showing the name of the person they are looking for.

These signs may be handwritten, or printed and branded with a company’s logo, but these days everything can be digital and thanks to a practical app, it is possible to save paper and time when you need to create a pick-up sign.

With Pick-Up Sign by SB Apps, you can design and display a sign using your iPad. This is not only more convenient than a traditional paper sign, but will also look better.

Using Pick-Up Sign is also better than creating the sign using other programs and then sending it to your iDevice, because it allows you to design the sign faster and without any complications.


The app is very simple and basic, but it gets the job done by letting you create a bold two line text that covers the whole screen of your device. This makes Pick-Up Sign a clear and visible solution to ensure that your customers, or the person you are picking up can find you easily. It is possible to customize the sign with the layout of your choice. There are four layouts supported, including chalkboard and notepad and they have different background colors. You can also import your own logo as a PNG file and add it to make sure that the sign looks just like you need it.

You can display the sign in portrait or landscape mode. The truth is that there is not much to it, but it fulfills its purpose of serving as a hassle-free pick-up sign creator.

Another issue is the lack of options to adjust the background color or to change the font type or size. There is only one font available and it is scaled according to the display orientation. Still, Pick-Up sign gives you the possibility of creating pick-up signs on the go, which is very convenient, especially if you need to make changes or correct mistakes in the text.


Pick-Up Sign is designed for iPhone and iPad and it is compatible with iOS 6 and above.


It is certainly a great solution for drivers and anyone who regularly picks up passengers at airports or train stations. The main downside is that the free version of the app, displays ads on the sign. If you want to remove them, you will need to upgrade through an in-app purchase of $0.99.



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