5 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes

Transfer photos from iPhone to PC

We have all been there. It’s the perfect moment to take a quick snap, you bring out your phone, you get ready to take the shot, and boom, you get the “iPhone storage is full” message.

This happens with other phones as well, but happens quite frequently with Apple products, thanks to the high-resolution images that get captured by the camera.

Since you can’t bring yourself to throw away all of those amazing pictures that you took, the only other option is to transfer the photos from your phone to your PC with iTunes or some other tool.

People tend to look for software outside of iTunes because most of the time, iTunes fails while connecting the iPhone to the PC, causing the 0Xe80000a error. Well, you can refer this guide on Devsjournal to get rid of the 0Xe80000a error.

There are many different ways that you can use to transfer photos from your iPhone to your PC without iTunes. The following methods will help you to transfer photos from your iPhone to Windows 10 without any trouble.

Method 1: iCloud

iCloud is the best method to transfer your photos and files from your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC without using iTunes.

iCloud is Apple’s cloud service, which is available in all kinds of software products. Since everything happens wirelessly, you don’t need any cables to move your photos to iCloud and then download them to your computer.

Follow the steps below to connect photos from your iPhone to your PC without iTunes.

iCloud Step 1

You need to enable the photos option in iCloud on your iPhone. All you have to do is go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Photos. Once you enable this, the photos will get automatically backed up into your iCloud account.

iCloud Step2

Once you finish uploading your photos into your iCloud account, you will have two options. You can keep them on your phone, which will use space, or you can keep the thumbnails on your phone and upload the original photos to iCloud.

Method 2: Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the methods that all PC users would prefer. The process is simple. All you have to do is install the Dropbox application on your phone, tap the “Plus” sign at the bottom, and select “Upload Photos” to upload all of your high-resolution pictures from your iPhone to the Dropbox cloud.

Once you upload the images, the next thing you should do is download the Dropbox application on your PC. Open the app, log in to your account, and from there you can download all of the photos. You can transfer the downloaded images to any folder on your computer from the Dropbox application on your PC.

The free version of Dropbox comes only with 2 GB cloud storage. So, if you need more space, the 1 TB package starts at $9.99 per month.

Method 3: Windows File Explorer

This method of transferring photos from your iPhone to your PC is similar to using iTunes. The only advantage is that you will not have to install iTunes and face the 0Xe80000a error.

All you have to do is connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable, open Windows File Explorer, and identify your iPhone under the portable devices list. Click on your phone and navigate to the folder which has your photos.

The problem with this method is that some of the images are not correctly aligned and require rotation for proper viewing. Another issue is that the pictures are in several different folders and aren’t in order.

Method 4: Google Photos

Using Google Photos to transfer files from your iPhone to Windows 10 PC has two advantages: you can share the same resolution pictures faster, and they will be available in Google photos until you delete them.

The next thing is that they have more adaptive storage than iCloud and Dropbox, which means they are more easily accessible if you forget your Google password.

You will have to install the Google Drive application on your iPhone and enter your Google ID. Once that is done, you will have to upload the photos to your Google photos by accessing “Google Drive > Google Photos.”

Create a folder (optional) and upload the photos into Google Drive. Then open the browser in your PC and log in to Google Photos with your Google ID to download the images to your PC.

Method 5: Email

The simplest and most convenient way to transfer files/photos from your iPhone to your PC without using iTunes is by email. All you have to do is open the mail on your phone, attach the pictures, and send them to yourself.

Next, open your email app on your computer and download the images.


There are many other methods that you can use to transfer files from iPhone to PC without using iTunes. That includes the usage of third-party applications like Copy Trans backup extractor application and Copy Trans photo.

If you have a Mac, then iCloud or Airdrop would be the best option.

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