HideMyAss Review

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It says what it does right in the name!

Hide My Ass VPNThe Internet opens a world full of possibilities for businesses, education, communication, entertainment and more. Although there is a vast selection of content and applications available online, there are some restrictions when it comes to accessing them. There may be censorship filters applied, geo-location limitations and even restrictions imposed by your Internet Service Provider. In order to bypass all of them and enjoy the freedom to access your favorite websites, videos and applications securely and without limits, you can opt for a VPN service. A VPN helps you to unlock content that is usually not available in your location, and it can also protect your information from eavesdroppers and cyber fraudsters.

One of the most recognized VPN providers available is HideMyAss, a UK-based company that was established in 2005. Over the last decade, HideMyAss (also known as HMA) has become a leading service in the VPN industry and it remains in the list of the top solutions to get access to content that is blocked in your area and to protect your privacy online. Its network of servers is already quite impressive, but HideMyAss continues working to expand its infrastructure and to enhance its customers’ experience. Plus, the company’s innovative image has earned them a high level of popularity. Here is what you can expect from HideMyAss.


Using HideMyAss is extremely easy, thanks to its high quality software that makes things clear for you from the start. To get started you will need to create an account, then download and install the HMA software on your computer. After launching the software client and entering your login details you will be able to connect. Even though HideMyAss offers advanced functions, it is simple and does not require any previous experience with VPNs or technical skills to configure the service. There is also a great selection of guides and tutorials that will help you with the setup and with every aspect of HideMyAss. The software is compatible with multiple platforms and devices including Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, routers and Android mobile devices.

Proxy Service + VPN

HideMyAss started as a proxy service, focused on allowing users to access websites that were blocked in their location. While HideMyAss is still an effective way to bypass geo-location restriction and online censorship, the addition of VPN protection also makes it a good option to secure your data. HideMyAss provides a wide range of solutions designed to make your internet experience safer and more flexible. When it comes to VPN protocols (they dictate the way in which data is exchanged between computers within a VPN network), HideMyAss supports options like OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP.

Pro VPN Client

The Pro VPN client is remarkably appealing and user-friendly and it includes a great set of features for a hassle-free experience. The options available include Speed Guide, Easier Server Selection, Schedule IP Address, Secure IP Bind and more. With Speed Guide, you can easily find the fastest servers available. The feature tests upload, download speeds and response time to let you know which are the most efficient servers you can choose from. The Easier Server Selection ensures that you can connect to the right server for your needs based on geographical location, VPN protocol and upload/download speeds.

Schedule IP Address

The Schedule IP Address feature allows you to change your IP address at a set interval of time. You can keep your anonymity intact by scheduling a change of IP address as often as you want. However, the star feature is Secure IP Binding, which keeps your anonymity secure at all times. Secure IP Binding only allows applications to connect while your VPN connection is active. It is an ideal option for Torrent/P2P because it avoids that your real IP address is revealed, even if your VPN service stops working while you are downloading media.

Bypass Website Blocks

You can discover how HideMyAss can help you to access websites blocked in your region, even before you purchase a plan. The website attracts the attention of many Internet users due to the free web proxy that it offers. If you are unable to access a website, all you need to do is to enter the URL and HMA’s free proxy will give you the option to change your IP address. You can even select between servers in the UK, US or Netherlands. The free web proxy is a practical solution to unlock websites and surf anonymously, but it doesn’t provide complete protection. In order to enjoy all the advantages that HideMyAss can offer, you would need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Anonymous Email + Zero-Logging + Anonymous Referrer

Additionally, HideMyAss supports convenient options like free anonymous email that allows you to keep your personal information safe. You can use this email instead of your personal email address if you prefer that your personal details remain private. Another useful option is Anonymous Referrer, which enables you to post links on websites without being traced. HideMyAss offers a great variety of features that help you to safeguard your privacy. In addition, their VPN logging policy establishes that they don’t monitor your online traffic. Keep in mind that connection details like time and IP address used are logged. Most users would be fine with this, but if privacy is your main concern and you prefer a zero logging policy, HideMyAss would not be the most suitable option for you.


There are three Pro plans available for individual users that require a solid combination of security for their online traffic and freedom to access the content they want. The Kick-ass plan offers one month of service for $11.52. The Half-ass plan covers you for six months and costs $49.98 or $8.33 per month. If you want to enjoy HMA’s Pro VPN service for a full year, you can choose the Smart-ass plan and pay $78.60 per year or $6.55 per month.

All the options support unlimited bandwidth and include the full list of features that HMA offers. Plus, they offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is something that you would not get from most providers.

Server locations

There is no shortage of options to change your IP address and you can connect to servers in over 180 countries. HideMyAss supports more locations around the world than any other provider so no matter where you are, you will be able to enjoy great speed and performance. You can find servers in every continent and the list of locations includes United Kingdom, Greenland, Ireland, United States, Japan, Morocco, Finland, Vietnam, Chile, New Zealand, Czech Republic, China, Mexico, Madagascar and South Korea. HideMyAss is constantly adding new servers to their network in order to give you even more flexibility to access websites, content and applications online.

Customer Support

Apart from offering detailed information on the website and a forum that is known for featuring interesting and useful discussions, HideMyAss provides excellent customer support via email, live chat and phone. The team is highly skilled and professional and you can expect fast responses in most cases. Requests can be submitted for any connection, speed issues, or for questions about the service and payment methods.


HideMyAss has managed to keep a top place in the industry thanks to its advanced technology, unique features and outstanding customer support. This VPN service is fast, easy to use and it includes a great selection of options to make your connection secure. However, HMA’s privacy policy would be an issue for users who are looking for complete anonymity online as certain logs are kept. If you are mainly looking for an effective way to enjoy content without restrictions, while keeping your connection protected from malicious hackers, HideMyAss is a great choice that offers affordability and top performance.


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