SupportYourApp: A Great Customer Support Management Solution for Developers

There are many useful apps that have a great design and impressive functions but fail to get good reviews from users due to a significant flaw: poor customer service.

The truth is that most developers focus on other aspects of the app building process and forget that customer support is essential for a good user experience. Your app may be a work of genius but if your users do not get the help they need and their questions go unanswered, you would not be able to compete effectively with other apps available in the market.

Offering dedicated customer support is crucial to guarantee the success of your app. This is why SupportYourApp is a great solution to ensure that as a developer, you have the help you need to deal with customers’ issues and queries. Keeping in mind that customer support could make or break an app, it is worth trusting in a dedicated service to cover this area of your business. Even if you are an independent developer, you could benefit from what SupportYourApp can offer.

Advantages of using SupportYourApp

Keeping your customers loyal and happy requires a continuous effort to ensure that you can back up the quality of your product with a great service. SupportYourApp comes with an experienced team that strives to offer top class customer support to ensure that your app’s users are satisfied.

SupportYourApp also delivers in terms of technology, giving you more options to improve your customer support system. The best part is that they are one of the few services that are specialized in offering support for app developers. They have a solid knowledge and background working in this area.


SupportYourApp can make things easier for you and ensure that you cover your customers’ needs effectively. They help you through every part of the integration process to make sure that you choose the solution that better suits you. There are three different plans that cover 24/7 dedicated customer support. The most basic email only option starts at $2.39 per hour, while the most complete plan that covers email/phone support for an unlimited number of apps in your portfolio, costs $6.49 per hour. Some of the features included in the plans are Email Support/Proof-reading of emails, inbound/ outbound calls and CRM System.


Customer support managing systems may seem like a high investment but it is a worth one making. After all, if your customers can expect a prompt resolution for their issues and a fast response to any query, they will trust in your product. A good reputation will also attract more users. SupportYourApp aims to offer competitive prices and a convenient solution for app developers. You can dedicate your time to the quality of your software, while SupportYourApp takes care of helping users, providing an excellent customer experience.


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