The Best Free Pop-up Blocker Software for Windows

We all have come across annoying pop-up windows, ads and other applications that clutter our computer screens with information that we are not interested in. Thankfully there is a way to stop pop-ups and unwanted applications from taking over your internet browsing. With the help of pop-up blocker software, you can ensure that inopportune ads and windows don’t interrupt you while you are online. Pop-up blocker programs can also protect your privacy and defend your computer against malware and cookies designed to infect your system. Some of the solutions in our list are fully-functional tools while others work as plug-ins for browsers.

Pop-Up Stopper
The free edition of Pop-Up Stopper from Panicware promises to be a complete solution for blocking ads and unwelcome applications. The interface is simple and straightforward, but this pop-up blocker packs a lot of power and useful features. You can easily access functions like Privacy Report, Identity theft risk assessment and Preferences. It is possible to deactivate, or activate the blocker at any moment and with only a few steps. However, it is important to keep in mind that Pop-Up Stopper is not as versatile as other options available and it only works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Netscape. Even so, this is an efficient pop-up blocker that also stops flash ads and JAVA applets.

Adguard for Windows
Adguard gives you the chance to browse internet free from the hassle and risk that pop-ups, ads and banners posse. It is possible to customize the blocking settings to choose certain exceptions or to block ads manually. Adguard aims to provide a complete solution to give you peace of mind when you are online. It detects issues, notifies you about phishing threats and blocks them. Aguard covers all fronts with its three modules of security: AdBlocker, Anti-phishing and Parental Control. This means that in addition to block annoying ads, Adguard is a practical tool to filter content that may be inappropriate and to protect your personal data online.

A lightning speed browsing experience is possible thanks to Maxthon‘s cloud powered technology. It uses advanced web browsers that work together to offer seamless browsing across different devices and platforms. Maxthon’s Cloud browser offers great security and privacy options that ensure that you can navigate internet freely and without interruptions. The pop-blocker functionality protects you from malicious websites and prevents phishing attempts automatically. While you are browsing internet, Maxthon scans websites to let you know if it is safe to visit them. To enhance your privacy, Maxthon gives you the option of selecting a private session to avoid tracking of your online activities. Maxthon for Windows can be downloaded for free.

Microsoft Security Essentials
If you have a valid copy of Windows, you can avail of the anti-virus protection that the Microsoft Security Essentials offer for free. This Windows solutions defends you against spyware, viruses, malware and other security threats. One of the advantages of Microsoft Security Essentials is that it works seamlessly in the background without affecting your tasks. You can navigate internet without issues while this solution from Microsoft keeps you protected from malicious programs and helps you to avoid pop-ups. With Microsoft Security Essentials it is possible to make your online browsing more effective and enjoyable. It is a convenient program that combines pop-blocker functionality and anti-malware features.

Avant Browser
This is another great browser solution that can improve your online browsing experience. Avant Browser is incredibly fast and its clear interface enables you to enjoy great performance. Avant is continuously being updated to ensure that it becomes more reliable and efficient. The browser comes with security functionality that features a pop-up blocker. Avant Browser ensures that you can forget about ads and malware when you are navigating internet. Although compared to other browsers, Avant is not the most advanced solution, it is still a very practical one. Reliability is the main reason to choose Avant as it is designed to avoid crashes. even of one tab stops working.

Any options that enhance your system’s performance and that can make it more efficient are worth of consideration and that is what GreenBrowser offers. It combines a browser and a pop-up blocker and since it takes on less memory in your system (although that means that it lacks its own rendering engine), it can provide a faster, and more efficient performance overall. GreenBrowser is optimized for Internet Explorer and while it is lightweight, it includes a good selection of security functions. Apart from blocking ads and pop-ups, GreenBrowser includes features like Auto Fill Form, Auto Scroll, Auto Save, Download Manager, Mouse Drag and more.

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