Best Ad blocker / Ad Scanner apps for Android

You probably thought that being bombarded with ads while using your Android device, was just something that you would have to get used to. When you close one, two more appear, they just keep popping up and it seems like there is nothing you can do to stop them. To make matter worse, these ads are not only annoying, but they could also put your privacy at risk as they can be used to gain access to your personal information. Some of the apps that you are currently using, may include this kind of advertising and removing them may be the only option to avoid ads from spoiling your Android experience.

The good news is that you can install an ad blocker app to put an end to their constant appearance on your device’s screen. You can also identify the apps that contain malicious ads and by removing them, you can enjoy everything that Android offers without being interrupted by marketing campaigns and special offers that you are not really interested in. Here are the best Android apps to block ads or to identify the apps that are causing the spam.

Ad-Network Scanner & Detector
Ad-Network Scanner & Detector is a convenient a solution from Lookout Labs that gives you details about the types of ads that you are being targeted with. It also makes you aware of the personal information that is collected by them and you can also learn more about how to opt our of targeted advertising. With Ad-Network you will be able to understand what is at risk and to determine if an app is worth keeping (in spite of the aggressive marketing campaigns that it carries), or if you are better off removing it from your Android device. This app is available for free in Google Play.

Adblock Plus
Wladimir Palant started this open-source project in 2006 and Adblock Plus has become a hugely popular solution that allows you to get rid of annoying ads. The app has a filter list that can determine what elements of websites should be blocked. Apart from preventing ads from cluttering your Android device, Adblock Plus can prevent tracking and malware. While the app is not available in Google Play, you will be able to download it for free from the Adblock Plus website. There are also versions available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

AppBrain Ad Detector
Swiss Codemonkeys offer an app that is also focused on protecting your personal information from intrusive advertisement. While it is not an ad blocker, it identifies issues like Push Notifications, spyware and adware that may be present in the apps you download. It makes you aware of what information apps can access and it helps you to get rid of any threat to your privacy. AppBrain Ad Detector is a comprehensive and free solution that can help you protect your personal details by telling you which apps you need to remove.

Easy Ads Cleaner
With just one tap, Easy Ads Cleaner by 2Easy Team can help you detect any advertisement that represents a risk for your privacy. The app scans your phone and lets you know which apps are responsible for the annoying ads that keep appearing on your device’s screen. It also alerts you about apps that use push notifications or that contain any malicious ads that could potentially leak your personal information. Easy Ads Cleaner is easy to use, effective and provides detailed information about the level of risk you are exposed to. You can download it for free.

TrustGo Ad Detector
If you are concerned about ads invading your privacy and accessing your personal information through the apps you download, you can protect yourself with the help of TrustGo. Many companies collect information on how you use your device to target you with advertisement. TrustGo Inc.’s app scans your Android device to ensure that your data is not compromised by malicious marketing campaigns. You can find it in Google Play for free.

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