Best Sleeve Cases for your iPad

While sleeve cases are not the most effective way to protect your iPad in case it falls, they still offer a convenient solution to avoid scratches and to carry your device around. Sleeve cases have become popular thanks to their affordability and there is a wide variety of options to choose from. Some sleeves offer more than a simple way to bring your iPad with you while you are on the go. There are some cass that allow you to carry other items in the same case. We will take a look at the best sleeve cases for your iPad.

Built iPad Sleeve

This lightweight sleeve for your iPad is made of Neoprene, a material that is ideal for this kind of cases. It is not only very flexible and easy to carry, but also offers a decent level of protection that is enough to ensure that your iPad is free from scratches. This Built case is available in a variety of colours and designs and fits all models of iPads. The price starts at just $4.49 USD on Amazon.

CaseCrown iPad Air Sleeve

CaseCrown offers a very cool solution for carrying your iPad anywhere you go. This synthetic leather sleeve case is not only very practical but also looks good. It includes a diagonal front pocket so you can carry your earbuds, chargers or anything else you need. It is lightweight, convenient and you can get it for just $5 USD.

Dockem Leather iPad Air

This synthetic dark brown leather sleeve features a cushioned interior that can keep your iPad safe from minor bumps, without making it bulky. The soft microfiber lining also ensures that your device is safe from dust and scratches. While it doesn’t have any buckles or clasps to secure the device, its slim design ensures that your iPad Air fits conveniently. It is also elegant and will appeal to users that prefer a case with a more professional look. You can get this sleeve case for just $9.99 USD.

Just Air Sleeve Case
The top quality of the design is the first thing to notice about Just Air sleeve case, but it also offer great protection with its shock-absorbing characteristics. It is easy to carry and its interior is covered with “air chambers”, which offer extra comfort and safety for your iPad. It is also very light, flexible and you can slide your iPad in and out without any hassle. Just Air is available from just $12 USD.

Mivizu Shell Sleeve

Even though the Mivizu is thicker than most sleeve cases available, the fact that it offers stronger protection may justify the added bulk. It also offers more carrying alternatives since it comes with an accessory pocket that lets you carry your mobile phone, charger, earphones or anything else. Mivizu is water-resistant and its bubble cushion interior is ideal for keeping your iPad free from scratches. Prics start at $14.95 on Amazon.

Incase Neoprene Pro Sleeve

This is a fun, practical and simple iPad Air sleeve that features an interior with soft faux fur lining that keeps the device safe. It is lightweight but strong enough to offer protection and its top padded zipper binding helps to avoid scratches. It is available in four colours including Emerald Green, Hot Magenta, Slate Grey and Black. The price starts at $15.99 USD.

Suoran iPad Sleeve Case

Made of 100% natural wool, this case will appeal environmentally conscious users that look for sustainability in all the products they get. Since wool is renewable and biodegradable, it is the perfect solution to keep your iPad protected in a greener way. Suoran is resistant to water and easy to carry. It offers enough space to carry other accessories and you can get it in green, orange and grey. It is available for just under $28 USD.

rooCASE iPad Air Sleeve

For those who look for convenience and a modern design, this case would be the ideal choice to carry your iPad Air along. It is a simple and practical option with a bubble shock absorbing foam interior that offers enough cushion to keep your device safe. The case can also protect your iPad from spillage, thanks to the fact that its made of water resistant neoprene. It also has a Velcro pocket to keep your charger or headphones. It is available for $29.99 USD.

Tom Bihn’s Cache iPad Sleeve

This protective sleeve can ensure that your iPad is free from scratches, thanks to its thick foamed interior. Instead of Velcro, or a zipper, the Cache closes with a tucking of the flap into the top opening. It is available in different sizes so you need to choose the one that better suits your device. It is elegant and simple and while it is considerably more expensive than other options (It costs $30 USD), it offers a great quality.


Charbonize is made of recycled charcoal and leather and its interior has a wool feeling that protects the iPad and keeps it safely tucked in. Even though Charbonize does not offer the slim design that you get with other cases, it ensures that you can enjoy a stylish and distinctive option to carry your iPad. It features an additional compartment and it also protects your iPad from spillage. Charbonize is one of the most expensive cases available as it costs around $90 USD, but if you want a luxurious experience, this may be the sleeve case for you.


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