PhoneRescue Review

iMobie PhoneRescue Recovers Deleted iPhone Files

Established in 2011, iMobie is a Chinese company that is focused in providing practical solutions for iDevice users. The name derives from “I’M Optimistic, Brave, Independent and Efficient”, which reflects the core values behind the products they offer.

One of the most convenient and useful programs created by iMobie is PhoneRescue, a software that helps iPhone users to recover lost files.

Since data loss is one of the most frustrating experiences that users may have to deal with and no one is exempt from it, the popularity of iOS Data recovery programs has grown substantially and among the list of options available, PhoneRescue has gained recognition for its neat interface and useful features. We will find out if PhoneRescue can really save your valuable data when you think that there is nothing else to do.


The software promises to allow users to get back the files that have been deleted accidentally or due to damage or misuse. The types of files that can be recovered include photos, music, videos, eBooks, text messages, as well as call history, calendar and Safari bookmarks. Data from third party apps, such as WhatsApp conversations can also be retrieved. It is also possible to save settings, personal data and reminders that disappear from your device after a failed upgrade, a jailbreaking attempt gone wrong or any other circumstance that may lead to data loss.

How it works

PhoneRescue’s interface is easy to use thanks to a useful guide that leads you through every step of the process. The software allows you to recover data from iTunes/iCloud backups or directly from the iPhone. If your device is destroyed or lost and it is impossible to get the files from it, you can recover data from a previous iTunes or iCloud backup by selecting the corresponding mode. Then you have the option to scan and select the files you need to retrieve before starting the recovery process. This means that you will be able to choose the specific data that you want to get back, making things faster and more efficient.

Losing your contact list can be a nightmare but PhoneRescue helps you to restore it, as well as giving you back your notes, calendars and reminders without major hassle. It supports a wide selection of file types and enables you to select the most suitable format to export messages, contacts and call history. Restoring text messages, including attachments like pictures and videos is fast and thanks to the practical preview option you will be able to access full communication threads prior to recovery. The call history can also be restored easily, showing details such as time, date and person call recipients.

While restoring photos can take a little longer and the “Recover from Device” mode does not run as smoothly as the iTunes Backup recovery option, PhoneRescue does fulfill its promise of helping to restore your missing data with just a few clicks. Its well designed interface ensures that you have a good experience using the tool and the fact that PhoneRescue’s technology is constantly updated to match the latest iOS apps, means that the software can offer handy options to get any files that matter.



It is important to note that while Data recovery programs can provide a solution when files are lost, there may be cases in which you would not be able to get your data back. If you have deleted files by mistake or lose them due to a failed upgrade, you may try to recover them directly from the device but if the data has been overwritten or wiped, this will not work. The alternative is recovering from iTunes Backup, but this requires that you backup regularly.

Keeping that in mind will help you to maintain realistic expectations of what a program like PhoneRescue can do for you. iMobie’s product does a very good job at offering all the necessary functions that will help you to get your media files, texts and call information. The fact that it supports a wide variety of files, including data from third party apps and that the company works to upgrade their features to keep them in line with Apple’s updates is a great plus.

While $49.99 for a Personal License and $69.99 for a Family License – which allows you to use the software in multiple PCs and includes an extra PhoneRescue – is more than what you would pay for other similar programs available, PhoneRescue is still within the group of the most affordable options. For this price, you can count on iMobie’s free lifetime support, you are automatically upgraded to the latest version of the software and there are no usage limits. PhoneRescue is simple, effective and we look forward to see iMobie working towards adding new features and making the software even more reliable.

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