Naught Reawakening Game Review

This adventure and platform app has a unique gameplay that’s not too hard but still challenging with the right amount of frustrating.

Naught Reawakening, by Genera Mobile, is the story of Naught – a cat-like creature in search of seeds and diamonds.

There are 30 levels that include three bonus levels, big enemies, diverse gameplay, a time trial mode for every level, and loads of secrets.



My 4-year old daughter loves watching me play this game.

The game can be played almost entirely with your left hand. There’s a jump button for your right hand but I haven’t used it much.

You navigate the world by essentially falling gracefully, and carefully around the caverns. Watch out for brambles and lizard snake things (Prowlers) as they tend to be close to where you are going to land. And the Prowlers don’t care if you’ve just regenerated near them – if you’re visible, you’re dead.

Headphone are good for hearing when the Prowlers are nearby and the eerie music really completes the gameplay.

It’s really easy to get going super fast, lose control, and fall into brambles or run into a Prowler. So measured movements help keep you alive.


While you are playing there is this eyeball thing that helps guide you. When you’re flipping and flailing all over the caverns it can be tough to tell which way you’re supposed to go. The eyeball points you in the direction of the exit and also acts as a pause button and a way to restart the level.


As you are falling around trying to get to the end of the level you collect seeds which are essentially lives. If you run into a bramble or prowler then you lose a life (seed) and start at the beginning or at the last checkpoint.

ProTip: If you are low on seeds just go back to a previous (read: easier) level and pick up some more.


Collect three black diamonds per level. If you collect all of the diamonds it unlocks a special level in each Zone. A zone is a collection of levels.

Spirit of the Tree

Eyeball-dude has a side-adventure of sorts where you guide him through narrow tunnels that look like something an ant colony would have formed. It’s easy to do and you can usually find a diamond in the center of the maze.

Diamond on Level 2-3

I lost 25 lives trying to get one of the diamonds on level 2-3. If anyone has any tips leave them in the comments.


You can pick up Naught in the App Store for $3.99. It’s definitely a nice change from the typical app store games.


Don’t forget to let me know how to get that really difficult diamond on Level 2-3 (see gallery images above)!

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