7 Best Essay Writing Apps

Every writer or author has experienced writer’s block in their life.

Staring at a blank paper and trying to get inspiration to start writing often feels like an impossible wall to climb. Besides looking for inspiration, writing itself can be quite a difficult task.

Thanks to the vast number of online writing apps, you can take on a big writing project without having to worry too much.

These apps will help you keep your ideas flowing while making writing fun for you.

These 7 best essay writing apps will especially come in handy for writers looking for ideas on how to improve the overall quality of their next article.

Man using one of the best essay writing apps to develop his novel.

IA Writer

IA Writer is a distraction-free essay writing app that’s perfect for small writing projects.

Writers can use this app’s professional writing style to produce their short blogs and articles. Some of the features included on this app are Focus Mode and Syntax Control. 

Focus Mode makes it easier for writers to overcome distractions, and Syntax Control makes editing the grammar in your writing easy. IA Writer is an intuitive app that you can use on your laptop, desktop, and smartphone.   


Scrivener is the perfect writing app if you’re undertaking big projects such as writing a novel.

It’s ideal for long-form writing since it makes it easier for the writer to organize their ideas. The app also makes it easier for writers to manage more complex writing projects from both their desktops and smartphones. 

Writers can breakdown their work into chapters and insert comments to work on them later. You can also speed-up the writing process with all the keyboard shortcuts provided by Scrivener.  


Drafts is a very convenient writing app that allows you to go hands-free with the Dictation feature.

Besides, it allows you to start writing immediately without having to download your file or choose a template. You can also share the documents created across your devices. 

Drafts is one of the education apps on iOS and Play store that allows customizing your essay with a wide variety of interface adjustments. You can quickly process your drafts with features such as Focus, Link, and Arrange modes on this app. 


Editorial is an essay writing app that makes it easier for students to prepare for competitive exams.

Students can find editorials, opinion articles, and blogs from different sources on this app. 

Other features that can help students improve their vocabulary include a Dictionary and Word Translator. You can also write important notes using the Easy Note feature and use the Bookmark feature to save essential editorials for reading later on. 


Coggle is an essay writing app that helps writers to organize their ideas.

This is a free mind-mapping application that students will find very useful, mainly when dealing with big writing projects that require lots of information.

The app seamlessly connects with Google Drive so that you can share your work across several devices and with your Google Contacts. As it helps organize your ideas, essay help from Canadian Edubirdie is ready to realize those ideas in a complete written text.

ca.edubirdie.com has a team of experienced writers and editors that can work out the perfect essays, thesis, and dissertation for you.

Woman using one of the best essay writing apps to write a blog article.

Final Draft

Final Draft is a subscription-based essay writing app that allows writers to share their final work in a variety of formats.

This is a handy tool for screenwriting that makes it easy for an author to draft and edit their work. It allows iOS users to share their work across several devices so that they can view them anywhere. 


MINT is a useful tool to help you manage your finances.

It’s easy to get out of touch with the transactions you carry out daily, especially if you’re busy writing your essays.

It’s a handy tool for those earning from their blogs and articles since it provides a secure means to budget and tracks their transactions.


Writing doesn’t have to be a difficult task anymore if you have these writing apps on your devices. You can get these apps on your laptop, desktop, android phone, and iPhone making it easy for you to view your work across several devices. 

Each of these apps comes with a variety of functions that can allow you to put your thoughts down, draft, and customize your writing to produce the highest quality of work. Download one of these apps today and take your writing to the next level

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