myRepono Review – Making WordPress Backup Simple

myReponoUnfortunately backing up doesn’t get the importance that it deserves and most people only think about it when it is too late. Even if you are already taking steps to back up the data in your computer, it is likely that you are neglecting another areas in which back up is also crucial. If you have an online shopping website, or a WordPress blog and you don’t want to miss any of the updates you make, or lose all your entries after you make a mistake, there is a service that you need to consider. myRepono is a practical and simple solution to take care of your website’s backups.

myRepono allows you to back up your website files including photos and themes, as well as your WordPress database. It runs automatically and in the background without causing any disruption while you are working. If you have been looking for an option that gives you peace of mind by completing off-site backups, myRepono can be the answer. This Backup Plugin is easy to install and it gives you the possibility of setting up automated WordPress backups in only a few minutes. To find out more about what myRepono offers, we will take a closer look at this convenient service.

Why Do you Need myRepono?

It is estimated that every 5 seconds a website is taken over by hackers and no one is safe. It may be just a prank, or an attempt to affect your online business, or blog, but in any case, your site can be at risk. In a matter of minutes, you could lose all the work that took you so much time and effort. Backing up will help you to prevent loss of data, keeping your website alive and well. With myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin, you can automate your website’s backups following just a few steps.

You can rely on myRepono because it was designed to backup your website files and databases automatically. The service was created by UK based software developer ionix Limited, with the purpose of providing a simple and effective backup solution. The company has over 10 years of experience working in internet services and software development and myRepono is proof of the quality and efficiency that ionix can deliver. MyRepono (repono in Latin means to store) was born when ionix itself was affected by database disruption in 2009.

Back then, ionix was unable to recover their data even though its hosting company was making regular backups. After the incident, ionix decided to come up with a solution that would avoid issues like this. The company setup its own backup system to make backups every hour to a local server and to a remote server. Ionix found a reliable way to backup data and it launched a service that can help any website owner. Even if you don’t have dedicated servers and lack the time, or technical skills required, you can enjoy simple and effective backup with myRepono.

How Does it Work

One of the best things about myRepono is that it is very easy to setup and to use. After signing up, you need to upload myRepono’s highly secure API to your website. Then you just need to select the files and databases that you wish to backup. You can also select how often you want to backup and how many backups should be stored. Once you have chosen your backup preferences, you can let myRepono take care of the rest. It is fast, simple and does all the work for you in the background.

You can register for the service for free using your email address and while you are asked to provide the currency in which you would top up your balance (USD, EUR or GBP), no payment details are required until you decide to add funds to your account. Upon signing up to the myRepono website backup service, you will receive a single secure PHP API that has to be uploaded to your website. Installation tools (automated and manual) are also included. myRepono works with Windows, Linux and Unix and it is compatible with the majority of servers and web hosting companies.

Once you have installed the PHP API, myRepono will securely connect to your server to view your files and databases. All you need to do is to choose the files and databases that you want to backup and select the frequency and amount of backups that you want to store. After that, you can leave everything on myRepono’s hands and the service will automatically backup the data you selected. You can check your backups, download them for offline use or access individual files whenever you need to.

The data from a backup can be easily restored and after you have chosen the files that you want to restore, myRepono will automatically backup the current version of your files and restore the versions you have selected. When you use myRepono, you get complete control over the data that is backed up (files, directories, or even the whole site and database) and you can also decide where you want your backup data to be stored. To ensure that you don’t lose you data, you can duplicate copies of your backups across the world so you will be able to recover your information no matter what.

There are many threats for the data on your website including hosting company issues, virus, system errors, or a simple mistake you may make while editing your site, but with myRepono you can reduce the risk of disruption for your website and avoid losing all your information. Although many webhosting companies provide backup services, in most case they don’t give you the option to access individual tables or databases. Furthermore, they may fail to store recent backups, or can’t perform backups effectively.


There are many good reasons to choose myRepono as the backup solution for your website. The following are some features that you can enjoy with ionix’s service.

Unlimited backup for individual files, complete folders of directories with web-based management applications. You can also backup individual mySQL tables or complete MySQL databases.

When you use myRepono, your files are kept secure as they transferred and stored using high level 256-bit encryption. Backup File compression (up to 10% of their original size) is also available.

Easy to use web-based backup management/restoration tools and automated backups. It is possible to download and view backups online using the file management tools and you can access these functions from any internet enabled device. Additionally, you decide how often you want to back up your website: every hour, every week, or every month.

Files can be restored individually, or you can restore several files simultaneously. Furthermore, you can backup as many websites as you want using a single account.

If the backup fails, or your balance is running low, myRepono will notify you. It will also keep you updated when a backup is completed. Online technical support is also available to provide information and help you with any issues.

myRepono is great for online shopping websites and it works with the most popular e-commerce solutions such as OpenCart, Magento, OSCommerce and more.

myRepono gives you limitless capacity to store backups with reasonable rates. You only pay for what you actually use and the payment methods accepted include credit cards and PayPal. Simply add funds to your balance (minimum top-up is €5 EUR) and your fees will be calculated based on your usage and the amount will be deducted from your balance. New customers can avail of a free trail for a limited time.



myRepono is a practical solution to protect your website and to ensure that you don’t lose any important content. With myRepono, you will be prepared in case of any issue that could affect your data and you will be able to restore your site and keep it operational. One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to keep enough balance on your account at all times, otherwise your backups will be removed from your account. They would be kept in the Recover Deleted Backups section, but only for 7 days so it is important that you top up regularly. All and all, myRepono works well and gives you a practical way to backup your site.

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