Must-Have Android Apps

Android is a flexible platform that allows developers from around the world to create apps for all kinds of purposes. There are over one million apps in Google Play that will allow you to have fun, learn, be more productive and much more with your Android device. In this list we will tell you what are the apps that any Android user needs to install on their device. They cover a wide range of categories, but they all have one thing in common and that is their top quality.


kindleKindle needs no introduction and for many, it has become a synonym of e-book reader. With access to an impressive catalogue of over a million books, Kindle is free and it offers a great reading experience and it supports JavaScript Amazon Whispersync, which allows you to synchronize bookmark. You can also download books on different formats including pdf, mobi and txt and store them on a SD card.

googleplayAldiko Book Reader
Aldiko-Book-ReaderYour Android tablet can become a library that travels with you when you download Aldiko’s app. This is one of the best e-book reader apps and it gives you access to a huge selection of books, many of them available without a cost. Reading a great book while on the go is one of the best ways to enjoy your Android tablet and Aldiko Book Reader is a free and convenient app that will be enjoyed by avid readers.

googleplayChrome Browser
chromeChrome combines a clean, simple design with powerful features and advanced technology. Its mobile version offers top quality and high speed, as well easy navigation options. Of course, it works great with Android devices and thanks to functions like Speed Dial, incognito mode and perfect synchronization with PC, Chrome is the most convenient and powerful mobile browser.

googleplayBoat Browser
boat browserEnhance your web browsing on Android devices with Boat Browser, a fast, reliable and versatile app that offers you a customizable experience. This app from Digital Life International offers a great selection of features aimed at making your browsing more enjoyable. You can personalize the app’s appearance and install your favourite add-ons such as password manager and Tab History. It is available for free.

flipboardFlipboard lets you find out what is going on in the world by giving you access to news that really interest you. Organize the content by category and select the topics or publications that you prefer. Flipboard allows you to pick news or blog entries to include them in your own personal magazine. You can also share your customized magazines with other Flipboard users or post them on social media websites. Flipboard is a customizable news app that is free to download.

Netflix-App-LogoIf you are already subscribed to Netflix, the most popular streaming service for watching movies and TV series, you can enjoy an extensive selection of entertainment on the go with the free Android app. You will have the option of managing your Netflix queue to choose the content that you really want to watch and discard what does not interest you. Netflix offers great original TV series and you can enjoy full access to their catalogue for $7.99 USD per month.


OfficeSuite 8 + PDF Converter
office-suite-proMobile Systems Business offers the best solution to create and edit office documents on your Android tablet. It supports a large variety of formats including PDF, Doc and Xls and it offers an interface that resembles your Windows desktop, enabling you to work on the go just like you do at home or at the office. You can download it for free and there is also a Pro version that allows you to get support for additional file formats though in-app purchases.

googleplayCrackle Android TV
crackleCrackle allows you to enjoy a great selection of movies, Anime series and original TV shows on your Android tablet. It is a great app to be entertained while you are on the go and if you need to stop the content at some point, you can easily pick up from where you left. Crackle is different from other apps because it is free to download and it does not require a subscription fee to get access to the content. The app is currently available for users in Australia, Canada, United States and Latin America and the content is regularly updated.

wunderlistWith Wunderlist, you can easily manage and share to-do lists via email and other channels. The interface is visually appealing and provides a great deal of information. You can synchronize tasks across different devices, cloud storage services and social media platforms. This app from 6 Wunderkinder GmbH offers notifications and reminders to keep you on top of your tasks.

shazamShazam is a well-known free music identification app that has millions of users across the world. It is easy to use and allows you to quickly identify the song that is playing on the radio. If you hear a song that you love in a restaurant but you cannot remember the title or the artist, you can rely on Shazam to help you find it. Shazam let you find a song in a matter of seconds and you can preview and then buy it from Amazon or Google Play.


dropbox-iphone-appDropbox is a leading cloud storage service that is recognized for it ease of use and convenience. It is available through different platforms and the Android version gives you a practical option to save texts, videos, photos, songs and more. It ensures that you can recover your contacts and files, even if your damage gets damaged or lost. With Dropbox you can edit and share documents anywhere you are. It still is the favourite storage option for millions of users across the world and you can download it for free.

googleplayGoogle Drive
google_drive2Google Drive makes file storage easy and its service continues improving and offering new features that make it a practical solution. Google Drive allows you to store all types of files including videos, music, documents, e-books and more. You can easily access your content from any supported device, share documents and work on them jointly.

kayakMaking sure that you are ready for your trip is simple thanks to Kayak, a convenient app that offers everything you need to make travel arrangements. With Kayak you can get contact information for airlines, information on baggage fees, as well as an impressive selection of maps. Every step of your trip including flights, car rentals and hotels can be organized with this free app from popular site


Google Newsstand
newsstandFor users that crave for information, Google Newsstand is the ideal option as it is a source of content from newspapers, magazines, blogs and more. You can access content based on your interests and enjoy audio if they are part of the articles you access. Newsstand is an improved and updated version of Google Currents and it lets you find articles from top publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal.


spotify-logoIt is not coincidence that Spotify has reached such a high level of popularity. This is an app that any music lover should have as it offers a vast catalogue of songs that cover anything from pop charts to obscure titles. Spotify also offers the possibility of discovering new music and if you are looking for a particular song, you will be able to find it within seconds. The free version gives you unlimited streaming with ads and the possibility of creating playlists and enjoying music while you are connected to internet.


GPS Navigation & Maps
gps navigationsSygic has developed the most popular offline road GPS navigation app available in the Play Store. It is a powerful option that is supported by TomTom maps, which means that it is a reliable navigation solution for users around the world. It allows you to access high quality maps offline, which are updated regularly and you can plan your route and get detailed information when you are on the road.


TeamViewerThis app allows you to control your PC remotely, making it a convenient option for users that are constantly on the go and that may need to access data or support clients on the go. Teamviewer lets you to gain access to all the documents and applications installed on your desktop. This app is easy to install and to configure and it’s free to download.


twitcasterTwitter fanatics can rely on TweetCaster by OneLouder apps to manage all their interactions. The app gives you notifications about new tweets, followers, mentions and direct messages. You can get easier control over multiple Twitter accounts and post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. It also offers a convenient search option that lets you find Tweets, photos and videos in your timeline or someone else’s without any hassle.

sketchbookArtists and those who love to draw can let their creativity flow with this professional app that lets you work with a great selection of features. With SketchBook by Autodesk Inc. you will be able to digitize your napkin sketches and use multiple layers to add depth and make your creations come to live. You can save the result in PSD or Photoshop. The app is free but there is also a Pro version that offers additional tools.

badland1There are many fantastic games available for Android users but we have chosen Badland from Frogmind for its innovative design, gripping story and beautiful graphics. Badland puts your survival skills to the test and offers a highly entertaining experience. This award-winning game is set to become your new favourite. Badland is available for free.


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