Best E-Reader Apps

We are still attached to the charm and feel of a good paper book but when we are on the go, there is nothing better than counting with the convenience that an e-reader can offer. After all, you would not carry a large number of heavy books in your suitcase when you travel but with an e-reader, you can bring thousands of titles wherever you go. Since e-readers/ reading tablets have become so popular thanks to their practicality, a substantial variety of apps suitable for these devices have appeared. These apps allow you to get books from your favourite author or find suggestions for your next read. These are some of the top options to enjoy content on your e-reader.

wattpadYou can enjoy over ten million free books, including novels, short stories and even fan fiction with this free app for iOS and Android. Wattpad is a great place to discover new authors as it serves as a platform for them to publish their work. Writers can submit books and update their works while users are able to access content even when they are not connected to internet.

Download:- iOs or Android


AldikoWith Aldiko you can import EPUB and PDF files and find free e-books. It allows you to adjust colour, font and alignment of the text and additionally you can bookmark pages. If you want to keep your e-library tidy, there is an option to organize collections and tag books. You can also use the dictionary and text-search details. Aldiko is free and compatible with Android devices.

Download:- Android Only


ScribdIf you are looking for more than books, Scribd gives you access to documents such as business presentations, reports, recipes, guides and more. The app also offer titles form Chronicle Books and Random House and it gives you the chance to read offline, share content and get daily suggestions. Get it for free for Android and iOS.

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Comics appComic and Graphic Novel fans will find paradise in this free app that is available for iOS, as well as Android. It gets content from ComiXology, a digital platform that offers over 50000 titles for you to enjoy, including works from DC Comics and Marvel. The app works with ComiXology’s patent-pended Guided View technology, which allows you to read panel by panel, resembling the way you would normally read a comic. You can buy comics individually and once you have acquired a title, it will be available offline as well.

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Goodreads appGoodreads offers a vast selection of books, as well as the opportunity of interacting with other devoted readers and getting recommendations. You can create lists of books you want to read, review titles, share and discuss your favourite books with other users. Browsing other readers reviews and reading list will give you an idea of what to read next. There are also entertaining quizzes and quotes’ selection. Get Goodreads for free for Android and iOS.

Download:- iOs or Android

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