Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera from Herman St

The popularity of nanny cameras or nanny cams keeps growing and these devices are available in a wide variety of presentations. These spy cameras are conveniently disguised as common household items that will make them pass unnoticed. Nanny cams, as the name suggests can be useful when you want to keep an eye on what happens at your home while you are not there. They can be hidden on clocks, photo frames and other ordinary objects. One of the best options when it comes to nanny cams is a camera the records video and that is not only masked as an alarm clock but actually works as one. This type of nanny cam is perfect for monitoring activity in your house or office, without raising suspicion. To find out what you can get from this nanny cam/ alarm clock, continue reading as we reveal all its features.

This nanny cam offers many functions that make it an ideal solution for monitoring your home. It comes a digital video recorder that allows it to capture and record video independently. It also has a motion detection mode that ensures that recording is only activated when there is movement in the area. This will save battery and memory space. Additionally, the camera gives you time-stamped recordings while working as a digital clock.

One downside is that the oldest recordings are not deleted automatically to ensure that the memory card does not run out of space. Another problems is that you will need to buy a microSD memory card as this is not included. The device can support a 32GB card, which will offer a large amount of space for recording footage. However, you will need to purchase the microSD card to store the video captured by the nanny cam and it should come with the device. Another missing feature is the option to set up an specific time to begin the recording. You only have the option to start the recording using the remote control or when movement is detected.

Thankfully a microSD camera is not that expensive and there are other functions that compensate that issue, one of them being the possibility of operating the camera remotely. You can choose to start recording with a compatible remote control from up to 600 feet away (around 183 meters). At 640x 480, the video resolution is good enough to make sure that you can actually see what is going on. The camera can also be used with the remote control or pressing the buttons, as a standard webcam, capable of taking photos with a 1280 x960 resolution.


The camera works with a high potency and long lasting lithium-ion battery that offers around 10 days of power while the device is working in motion-detection mode. In manual mode, the battery also offers a great performance and durability. When it comes to image, the camera offers colour video and a viewing angle of 72 degrees. While the image is clear in most cases, when there is no much light available, the video captured will not have the sharpness needed. This is another aspect that could be addressed and better lighting settings could be added to ensure that you can get good image results even in a dark room.

When it comes to looks, the Mini Alarm Clock Hidden camera has a good design that is simple enough not to draw any attention. This will enable the device to do the work it is supposed to do as at first sight, it will appear as an ordinary alarm clock without any added functions or frills. The camera can be powered with a power adapter or with the included battery.

Overall, with a price of just $79.95, this nanny camera offers great value for money as you get a device that will help you to monitor your home effectively and get peace of mind while you are away. If you do not want to invest too much in a spy camera, this is a good basic option that offers all the main features including audio recording, ease of use and a simple design that make it the right tool for monitoring a room without being detected. If you are looking for advanced options such as time-scheduled recording, you will need to look for a different alternative.

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