Best Nanny Cams for Parents

A Watchful Eye

Parents have a difficult time finding a reliable babysitter and with the amount of cases of children being neglected or mistreated by their minders, it is impossible not to be concerned about the security of your kids. It is hard to trust a stranger with the care of your children but there are many situations in which parents have no choice but to leave their kids with a nanny. Even if you have found someone that seems to truly care for the welfare for your children, you may feel safer monitoring their behavior to make sure that there is no reason to worry. Nanny cams have become very popular thanks to the fact that they allow you to protect your children, even if you are not at home.

These cameras can be legally used at your home or property in the United States, although in some states including Louisiana, Florida, California, Oregon and Illinois, it is against the law to record audio or speech from someone without their consent. Many surveillance cameras are only able to capture image in any case. Installing a nanny cam will give many parents peace of mind. These are the top nanny cams that you can use to ensure that your children are safe while they are being minded by a babysitter.

SVAT PI300-SD Alarm Clock with DVR/Colour Pinhole Surveillance Spy Camera

This pinhole surveillance spy camera is disguised as an alarm clock but the fact that it actually works like one means that it will not raise suspicion. It comes with a built-on motion sensor to activate the recorder but you can also set the recording in manual and scheduled mode. In the manual recording option, you can start recording at any time by turning the camera on and stop at any time. You can set up your preferred time to start and stop a recording using the scheduled option and it is possible to record up to 24 hours in this mode.

The motion activated function will start recording when movement is detected. It can store over 30 days of footage thanks to the 2 GB SD card included and you can expand the memory with a high capacity SD card of up to 32GB . In order to watch the recordings, you can connect it to your TV or to a monitor. The camera offers high quality MPEG-4 compression and SVAT Electronics will provide customer support at any time. You can get this camera for $192.


Another great option from SVAT is the PI1000, an easy to use surveillance camera that looks like a motion sensor. It is a useful security tool that will allow you to monitor your home and ensure that everything is in order. It can also be used as a nanny cam that includes a pinhole camera and a DVR. With this wireless monitoring camera, you can get up to 12 hours of continuous recording or 17 hours in standby mode, using the lithium batteries. Alternatively, you can use the AC power adapter.

The camera offers top video quality and the footage is recorded in the 2GB SD card included, you can also upgrade to a 32GB cards for a higher memory capacity. The camera can be activated with motion detection and you can adjust the level of sensitivity that sets off the recording. To watch the recordings, you can connect the device to your TV or remove the SD card and watch them on your PC. The scheduled recording function will allow you to capture up to 24 hours.

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