Benefits of Using a VPN on Android

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We no longer use our mobile phones just for calling. Our handheld devices, like our computers, are also used for online access and storage of our crucial data. Today most people keep their computer and phone synced. Therefore, the safety of our data stored on our Android devices has remained one of our main concerns in this digital age.

One solution that helps protect and secure personal data on your Android device is a VPN. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that provides a secure, private internet connection through the use of a protected server or secure channel.

A VPN network employs the use of data encapsulation, IP masking, and encryption to create a hidden tunnel which makes it harder for search engines, ISPs, advertisers, and websites to track you.

With your Android phone data secured and harder to be identified, it ensures you are protected against hackers even if you are using public or shared networks.

Enhanced Data Security

Using a VPN on your Android is important since when you use public Wi-Fi at hotels, cafes, or airports without the use of a VPN, you are always exposed to the dangers and risks of the internet. Understand that using a password for connecting to a public Wi-Fi does not guarantee the security of your Android device data. It is often possible for data such as passwords, logins, emails, chats, and phone calls to be intercepted, read, or even stolen by hackers without difficulty.

However, using a VPN on your Android does not leave your data exposed. This service creates a hidden tunnel meant for sending and receiving your data. Your internet traffic is encrypted inside encapsulated data packets and thus creating for you a private network when using a public Wi-Fi.

Access To Geo-Restricted Content

As an Android user, when you use a VPN on your Android, it becomes possible to access restricted online content. Some countries often issue directives for particular websites or online services to be blocked. Moreover, some media streaming services like Netflix may not be accessed if you are not in the right place. Using and Android VPN allows you to circumvent any internet restrictions and censorship and access the whole World Wide Web.

Remote Control

Replying to someone from your Android device is easy but what if you need to attach a confidential document? If the document is on your phone or if you need to sign in to Dropbox, OneDrive, or a similar service you will definitely want to use a VPN to make sure no one can steal your credentials.

With a VPN you can easily work from anywhere in the world knowing that you are secure.

Better Performance

Installing a VPN on your Android ensures that generally the network bandwidth and efficiency is better.

More bandwidth is essential for uninterrupted business calls and live video streaming. With the ability to use various internet connections at the same time, you will get lower latency and increased bandwidth for your needs. This results in no video streaming buffering and disconnections of business calls and the ability to run high-quality live broadcast on YouTube and Facebook.

Online Anonymity

A VPN guarantees your online anonymity when accessing the internet. You’ll be shielded from potential online threats and dangers including vulnerability from hacking or snooping.

A VPN masks your IP address and as a result, makes it difficult to trace your online activities. By disguising your real IP address, your online activities, location, and identity can stay more private online.

Less Expensive Travel

Online travel bookers and airlines have been known for manipulating their travel ticket prices. When using a VPN, depending on your particular geographical location, it becomes possible for you to book airline tickets that are much cheaper.

For you to get a cheaper flight, just try accessing a VPN server in a particular country that has a low cost of living compared with your current location. To get the lowest flight price, you should try comparing this from different VPN servers.

You can also use the same trick for booking hotels and car rentals.

Having seen the benefits of using a VPN for those who care about their online freedom and privacy, it is important that you choose a VPN for Android that you can trust to deliver. For Android users, Surfshark is the perfect VPN choice because of its numerous features and functions. These include a kill switch for killing the internet when the VPN connection drops, quality servers across the world, and zero buffering speeds.

You can download Surfshark in the Google Playstore.

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