IDrive Review

IDrive Online BackupOnline backup technology has become a crucial part of the measures that computer users need to take in order to prevent data loss. There are many online backup solutions available these days and providers compete to offer features that make them stand out from the crowd.

Affordability, ease of use and functionality are some of the most important elements to consider when looking for an online backup service. IDrive Online Backup aims to combine all these to attract users who need to keep their data accessible and secure. With convenient prices, versatility and high quality applications, IDrive is another service that deserves a closer look.

Getting Started

IDrive was launched in 2007 with the main purpose of offering security and convenience for its customers. It provides backup, syncing and sharing solutions suitable for individual and business users and it is designed to ensure that important data can be easily managed and secured.


IDrive is also known for offering reasonably priced options and high level encryption. You can start with the Basic Plan, which is completely free and provides 5 GB of storage space, plus 5 GB sync space.

This plan doesn’t have an expiration date so if you have only a few files to backup, you can use it for as long as needed. However, if you need to increase the amount of storage space that you can enjoy, the best option is to upgrade to a paid plan.

IDrive is currently offering great discounts in the price of its plans, which will attract many customers. There is a Personal package that offers 1 TB of storage capacity, plus 1 TB of sync space for $52.12 per year (the regular price is $69.50).

This means that the monthly cost is around $4.34, which is incredibly convenient. You can get an even better deal when you subscribe for 2 years of service, which at the moment costs $104.25 (reduced from $139). If 1 TB is not enough, you can increase to 10 TB for $374.62 per year (reduced from $499.50), or $749.25 (reduced from $999) for 2 years of IDrive.

Business Users

Business users are also covered by IDrive and there is a vast selection of options depending on the storage capacity that you require.

The business plans allow you to create multiple accounts, perform server-level backups, and offer premier support during the installation process.

Annual prices for the business plans start at $74.62 for 250 GB with 250 GB of Sync Space and go up to $374.62 for 1.25 TB and 1.25 TB of Sync Space.

IDrive offers good value for the money and there are many other packages that allow you to choose the right storage and sync space for your needs.


The installation of IDrive’s desktop version is effortless thanks to the straightforward set up wizard. Once you have the software installed on your computer you will discover a clear, attractive, and user-friendly interface.

After installation, an icon is placed in the notification area of your Windows Taskbar. From there, you can launch IDrive and modify the settings as required.

The program displays default user folders like Pictures, Documents and Music. You can easily include, or exclude, data from the backup process using the checkboxes that appear next to each folder.

IDrive works with Mac, Windows and it also has mobile apps for iOS and Android.

How Does IDrive Work?

The main tasks that allow you to manage the storage of your digital data can be accessed from the simple dashboard. You can control backup schedules or select the data that you wish to backup with a few steps.

By default backups are scheduled to take place once a day, but you can adjust the time frame to backup your files as often as you prefer.

IDrive also allows you to backup your files continuously in real-time at intervals that go from 10 to 60 minutes. This is an ideal solution to protect files that are being edited constantly.

While the backup is taking place, you can see information about the files that are being processed and an estimate of how long the backup will take to be completed. You can pause the backup if needed and control the bandwidth usage using a practical slider. This enables you to assign the necessary amount of bandwidth for the backup, preventing the upload from affecting other processes and tasks.

While there are other factors that have an impact in the upload and processing speeds, IDrive offers efficient performance. When the backup is finished, you will receive a notification email and will also have the chance to see how long the process took.

High Volume Backups with IDrive Express

If you are unable to upload the data that you wish to backup in a reasonable amount of time IDrive offers a practical solution called IDrive Express. They will send you a hard drive where you can save your files securely (data will be encrypted with 256-bit AES) and once you send it back the files will be saved in your IDrive account. This service can be used once per year without additional charges.

Restoring Files

IDrive saves up to 30 previous versions of all your files, which is very convenient if you made changes to a file but need to access an earlier copy. If you deleted a file from your IDrive account and need to recover it you can do so within 30 days. Many providers offer unlimited file versioning and keep deleted files for an indefinite time but most users will find the 30 day window sufficient.

In the Restore tab, you can search for files, select the ones that you wish to restore, and choose the location where you want to restore them. You can restore individual files or all the data simultaneously and you will be able to access previous saved versions of your data as well. If you use Android or iOS apps you can restore the backed-up files from your mobile devices on your desktop.

Customer Support

Apart from offering a great selection of helpful resources on the website including video tutorials and a comprehensive FAQ, IDrive provides support via live chat, phone, and email.

Their phone assistance is available Monday through Friday during business hours but the team can be reached through live chat or email at any time.


IDrive provides an affordable and complete online backup solution for home and business users. It includes all the features required to ensure that you can safeguard your files and enjoy access to them across your devices. Even though it doesn’t support unlimited storage capacity, IDrive has other advantages such as great mobile apps, top performance, and excellent customer support. It is a simple, convenient, and secure solution.

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