HP ProBoook 4440s Review: A Simple Yet Versatile Laptop

The HP ProBook 4440s is a solid laptop for work and it’s the preferred choice by many website developers and IT specialists. This resistant device is also perfect for everyday use thanks to the good set of features that it provides. If you are thinking about investing in a laptop that can cope with all your requirements, you may consider this powerful machine.

Hp 4400

Let’s find out what it offers:

The HP ProBook 4440s focuses in convenience and functionality. Its design is simple with zero frills or special features to stand out but it works well, which is what counts when you want a laptop that offers the technical specs that your work requires.

Its appearance may be modest but it is a powerful tool for work and study. It is light, compact and it offers a strong battery life that will get you through the day, so you can carry it anywhere you go and get the job done any time you need.

The 14 inch screen allows you to enjoy a sharp, bright image and good graphics. It is ideal as a business laptop thanks to its affordable price, speed and features. The HP ProBook 4400s offers all the ports that you may require including VGA Port, Gigabit LAN and four USB ports. It uses Windows 7 Professional 64 with Windows 8 Professional License. For many users, Windows 7 Professional 64 is still the most convenient option for businesses.

A convenient price, useful features and solid performance make this laptop a great device for students as well. Its Intel 4th generation “Haswell” graphics processor is incredibly powerful and will ensure that you can work efficiently in any project. The battery life is good enough and depending on the usage you can get up to 7 hours of power without needing to recharge.

Thanks to its strong brushed aluminum case, the machine is protected from scratches and smudges, making it a long lasting companion for field trips, the library and anywhere you go. As a student, you may need to stay up to late or have your lunch while you continue working to meet the deadline for a final paper.

This is why a spill-resistant keyboard is such a good feature to have, as it protects the machine from any damage. It will always look like new. You can also opt for choosing Theft Prevention Service which will use GPS to track your device in case it is stolen or lost.

One of the reasons why this laptop is enjoyed by IT professionals, webmasters and anyone that requires special technical options for their work is that the Core i5 version can be turned into a sort of Mac Computer.

The HP ProBook has similar features to Mac and common hardware that make it possible to install Snow Leopard or Lion. The process to transform the HP PC into a Mac Computer is very simple and will offer amazing additional options.


There are a few things that can be improved about the HP ProBook 4440s. For instance, you will get some issues with HP Security tools sending notifications constantly but this is something that can be easily deal with.

The laptop offers all the features that business owners, students, and even gamers will enjoy, including a speedy processor, good quality graphics and affordability. The 4GB Ram, 500 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive and 1366 x 768 display resolution are all satisfying specs that make this laptop a good buy.


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