Build The Best PC Possible For Streaming

Live streaming has become — and continues to be — a popular technological advancement that attracts millions of people each year. People use these streaming platforms to showcase what they are playing, and viewers love watching the action unfold as it happens.

Of course, there has been the introduction of competitive game action through the creation of eSports. At the same time, others are using platforms such as YouTube and Twitch to produce vlogs and provide entertaining reaction videos to almost anything.

Build the best PC possible for streaming

The possibilities are truly endless, as some people will even stream their online NJ Live Casino experiences when playing some of the best and latest live casino games possible.

However, streaming requires a top-tier PC with the best specs to ensure that your video feed runs without any issues. To attract fans and potentially create a new career opportunity, you’re going to need the best equipment you can afford.

Picking The Right Processor

Building the perfect PC for streaming starts with a good processor. You don’t necessarily need the best processor available, but you shouldn’t buy the bottom-of-the-line version either. Usually, something in the middle-to-high range will last you several years without paying a premium price.

Your PC needs to have enough processing power to record video and sound, run your browser tabs, run your games or apps, and keep up with your network traffic.

If you can afford the best processor on your new PC, do it. Processors are not easy to upgrade or change if you don’t have experience working inside a computer.

Check out our 5 tips for speeding up your PC to see how you can fix up an existing PC for streaming.

Upgrade Your Fans

Your CPU and video card use fans to keep them cool. If your fans are cheap, they will likely be loud. If you have a good microphone (see below), it may pick up some of your fan noise and ruin your streams.

You can water-cool your PC, but the expense may not be worth it. Moving your PC farther away from your microphone might be just as easy. Upgrading your fans is undoubtedly easier than upgrading your CPU, so look for some fans with great reviews. There are YouTube videos that will show you how to replace your fans.


RAM, or Random Access Memory, is used by everything you do on your computer. The Windows operating system will need a decent chunk of your RAM to keep things working. But your apps, games, video, and sound all need some, too.

If you’re buying a new PC, get as much RAM as you can afford. You can always add more RAM later, but you need to be careful with your RAM configuration.

Build the best PC possible for streaming with quality RAM
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For example, if your new motherboard has eight slots for RAM, you should try to fill at least 4 of them with the best modules you can buy. Then, when you have more money, you can buy four more and plop them into your motherboard without having to throw the originals away.

Graphics Card

Your graphics card doesn’t do much for streaming — your CPU and RAM will do most of the heavy lifting. But, if you’re streaming gameplay, you will need whatever graphics card works best for your favorite games.

Be sure to use the recommended graphics card specs for your games, not the minimum requirements. And maybe get the next higher-up version to handle future games and all of those Chrome tabs you have open.

Great Webcam

This is where you should spend some money. If you’re using a low-quality web camera for your streams, you’re going to appear blurry, distorted, and under-lit.

And you don’t want to look bad when you’re streaming.

If you’re going to stream to YouTube or Twitch, you will want to get a top-of-the-line camera.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

An off-the-shelf PC isn’t expecting a streamer.

The power supplies in most PCs can handle an extra hard drive or a better graphics card, but they don’t have a lot of wiggle room.

Upgrade your power supply so that you can run all of this equipment without stressing or maxing your PSU.

Computers are very picky. They need steady clean power at all times. If your power supply is struggling, it might take some of your components with it when it dies in the middle of your stream.


Anyone that has used a computer or mobile device knows about the importance of available storage.

Video processing and editing take a considerable amount of storage space. You’ll need room to work on your edits.

You don’t want to be deleting documents, pictures, and memes in the middle of your stream because you’re about to run out of hard drive space.

open hard drive showing disk platters
Photo by Алекс Арцибашев

If you’re trying to build the best PC possible for streaming, then you’ll want to get a fast SSD (Solid State Disk) drive for your operating system (OS) with at least 512 GB of space.

Next, you’ll need some large terabyte-sized disks to store your games, files, videos, and documents. If possible, get a system that will let you set up your disks in a RAID 1 configuration to help with read speeds and provide redundancy for your data.


Don’t forget about backups! Computers fail, so be sure to back up your data to another hard drive or a cloud backup service.

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