How to mark text messages as unread on iPhone (iOS7) using a Cydia tweak

Marking a text message as unread may not be an essential feature for many users, after all, once you receive a text, the first thing you would do is to check it and if it is important you reply instantly. Otherwise, you would still have the message stored and you can get back to the sender as soon as possible. Still, many users prefer to have the option of marking a text message as unread, in order to highlight them and make sure that you will not forget to check it again and reply to the person that sent it. Unfortunately, marking a text message as unread is an option that is not available in iOS 7, which means that once you receive a message that is not replied immediately, it will be up to you to remember that you have a response pending.

However, if your iPhone has been jailbroken you will have the option to mark text messages as unread, thanks to a Cydia tweak called precisely “Unread“, which allows to mark texts and iMessage threads, ensuring that you will check them again and respond accordingly. While jailbreaking is not something that every iPhone user is willing to do, if you have already gone through this process and need to highlight text messages to go through them later, this tweak is a great option. There will be many times in which we get a text message and open it but we may not really have time to read it in detail. This is when a tweak like Unread will become useful and the best part is that it is easy to use and does not modify or affect the text messages/iMessage interface. This is how you can use this tweak:

You can get Unread from the BigBoss repo for free and once you have installed, you just need to tap and hold on the message threads or conversations that you want to mark as unread. Then you will see that a blue icon will appear next to them. Unread is simple to use but the downside is that if you quit the Messages app after using the tweak to mark threads as unread, the marking will not appear the next time you open Messages. This may not be an issue in most cases, since users would usually keep the Messages app open, running in the background. Occasionally, Unread may fail to add the notification badge on the Messages app icon after marking a message as unread. Even though it is not perfect, Unread is still a convenient solution for users that have a jailbroken iPhone and need to keep track of their text messages in a simple way.

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