Is it possible to jailbreak iOS 8?

Apple’s latest iOS update is getting a huge amount of attention and it is easy to understand why. The company has stated that this is their most important release since the App Store was launched, as iOS 8 is set to offer impressive new features for users and more flexibility for app developers. However, those who have a jailbroken iPhone often look for alternatives that would work for their devices.

Previous to the release of iOS 8, Beta versions of the firmware were launched and jailbreak experts were already working to create a suitable version. The fact that iOS 7.1.1 was already jailbroken and that its coding is very similar to the one used in iOS 8, means that this iOS can also be targeted. Furthermore, the iOS 8 beta versions showed that the jailbreak would not require a separate program coding, making the process less complicated.

Jailbreak experts like German developer Stefan Esser, who previously was successful at ailbreaking iOS 7.1.1, tested the beta version of iOS 8 and confirmed that thanks to the close similarities between these two, the jailbreak would only require some adjustments in the code used for iOS 7.1.1 to make it suitable for iOS 8. Esser may be working on a jailbreak for iOS 8 and now that the final version has been officially launched, it will be possible to establish if Apple has added patches to avoid this process. If they had, that does not mean that iOS 8 could not be jailbroken but it would require more time.

Usually after an iOS update, jailbreakers know that a compatible version will follow but this could take weeks. Some websites have started claiming that they have already a jailbroken iOS 8 available but it is too soon to be true. Until it has not been confirmed by a well known jailbreak developer, it is advisable to stay away from these sites.

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