How To Enjoy Watching HBO With The Family With These 5 Tips

HBO LogoFamily time is important. One way of spending quality time with your loved ones is by watching a good movie together. Watching a film at home is a great way to bond with your family.

Here are 5 tips on how to make the most out of watching HBO with your family:

1. Schedule a movie day

Make it a habit and be consistent. The best way to bond with your family is to make sure every family member is present!

Try to watch a movie in the evening after dinner so everyone can relax after a long day before heading to bed. But, then again, if you have young kids in your family, your movie time should not be too late at night.

Make sure the kids won’t have to stay up late to finish the movie and prepare for bed.

2. Pick the right movie

Asking for movie suggestions from your family is a great start to your movie bonding.

Remember to make sure that the HBO movie you finally pick is appropriate for every age.

To make the most out of your movie marathon, you may want to consider replacing your old TV with a 4K television that has higher definition.

Also, before picking what movie to watch, make sure that your satellite TV provider has many channels, including HBO. Check out these plans from DailyWireless.

3. Avoid distractions from your phone

Notification sounds from your phone can be distracting and annoying. That’s why you are supposed to silence or turn off your phone and put it away when watching a movie in movie theaters.

The same rules should apply when you’re at home watching something together. If you can’t turn your phone off at least put it in silent mode and make sure that others do the same to avoid being distracted.

Another fun alternative is to have all of your phones placed in a fish bowl at a certain place in the room where you won’t be distracted by your phone’s lights and sounds.

You can make it more fun by creating a challenge – the first person to get their phone has to wash the dishes the following day.

4. Have some snacks

Eating snacks while watching a movie will make the moment more enjoyable.

There is no better way to watch an interesting movie than to watch it with a tasty snack that is movie-friendly (one that is not messy to eat).

Finger foods, like pretzels, chips with dip, and fries, are easy to munch on while relaxing on the couch. In particular, popcorn, which is a classic movie grub, is a light food that each family member will like.

5. Talk about the moral of the story

After watching the movie, take time to talk about what you just watched. At the end of the film, ask your loved ones what they thought and felt about it.

Ask them if they liked it or not and why. Ask them what emotion the movie triggered. Try to figure out who their favorite character was. Let them talk about what their favorite scene was. There is always a scene as well as a particular line from every movie which is unforgettable.

There is always a moral to each story. Try to express yourselves and discuss the message of the movie with your family. Express your emotions and your ideas about the movie as well as its significance and relevance.

Most importantly, when you watch an HBO movie with your family, always try to learn something from it. Try to get inspiration from and be motivated by the movie. Be inspired to believe in what you can do, to love deeply, to take the time to explore the world and travel more, and to work harder.

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