Five Popular Business Management Software

As the owner of a business, your job is to manage multiple activities at once. Handling requests from numerous sources is challenging and chaotic. Companies use business management software to stay on top of their daily tasks.

Organizations like yours are currently capitalizing on business management software to get things done, predict risks, and improve overall efficiency.

person using business management software on a MacBook pro - Photo by Austin Distel
Business management software on a MacBook Pro

IT staffing consulting services are based on strategic thinking, detailed experience, and a critical understanding of the underlying problems businesses face regularly.

These IT staffing agencies aim to determine the applied insights and long-term solutions to business challenges. They work toward obtaining maximum returns with minimum capital without taking shortcuts.

Today we’ll review a few IT software solutions that help companies run their business smoothly.


ProofHub is a compelling business management software that touches on almost all aspects of managing a business.

An organization can simplify its processes, store and share files, and communicate feedback under the roof of ProofHub. It also has a mobile app for Android and iOS users.

The top features are:

  • Effectively manages the project and several tasks.
  • Gantt charts to keep business projects on track.
  • Dynamic reporting to acquire clear insights into activities.
  • Time tracking to track the time spent on different projects and activities. is best for users who are consultants, freelancers or have a small business that needs to track and keep an eye on their work on several projects.

man using business management software on his MacBook to run his freelance business - Photo by Jonas Leupe
Freelancer using business management software

It is an easy company management software that focuses on getting things done on time. It brings customer and project management in one place with an attractive interface.

The top features are:

  • Instinctive user interface.
  • Communication and real-time updates.
  • Built-in time tracking feature and billing.
  • Synchronize tasks with calendars.


Zoho is a cloud software suite with almost all the features that a company needs to run its business with a majestic 40 business apps.

A company needs to connect multiple apps so that various teams can integrate productively.

The top features are:

  • Manage different aspects of business in one system.
  • Promote collaboration with an online document in storage and sharing.
  • Automate business workflows. is an appropriate tool for medium-sized organizations as it deals with expense tracking, invoice reporting, CRM support system, along with an easy-to-handle consolidation of project details.

It is used extensively in consulting, marketing & management, and other departments of IT industries.

The top features are:

  • Business can customize their dashboards.
  • Use in pre-delivered reporting.
  • Generate invoices within seconds.
  • Visualize, analyze, and organize the company’s data with thoughtful insights.


StudioCloud is a software package that is famous for therapists, tattoo artists, photographers, and designers.

black and gray laptop computer on brown leather couch looking at Project management software - Photo by XPS
Project management software

It is a one-stop solution for a company that needs to manage its business anytime, anywhere.

The top features are:

  • Control and manage clients, partners, and vendors in one place.
  • Create and transfer professional invoices.
  • Communicate automated and personalized text and email reminders.
  • Keep clients review and sign contracts online.
  • Easily customize the look and interface of your software.


Selecting an IT software package for a business depends on size, industry, need, and processes that need automated.

The industry leaders include project and task management, time tracking, file storage, document sharing, invoicing, budget, and resource management.

Let us know in the comments what business management software you use.

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