DDoS Protection – How to Prevent DDoS Attacks

We are exposed to multiple risks online as everyday new methods are devised to compromise the security of our information, or to affect a network’s normal operation. You may have heard about DDoS (or Denial-of-Service), a common type of hack attack that aims to prevent users from accessing a network. A DDoS attack suspends the services of a network temporarily and while there have been many attacks of this type, the reasons behind them vary in every case.

Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Nowadays, it is possible to find many websites offering DDoS services and the number of attacks has increased substantially thanks to the availability of this technology. Launching a DDoS attack is simpler than ever and the risk of being caught is relatively low, which means that this option can be used by pretty much anyone who wants to cause disruption in a host server temporarily. DDoS attacks are on the rise and it is crucial to implement measures to keep servers and IP addresses safe.

In order to avoid suspension of the service or other issues associated with hack attacks, it is important to have effective anti-DDoS protection. Businesses and individual users need to consider the possible consequences of not being prepared for an attack of this type. Regardless of how you use internet, security should be one of your main concerns and there are many situations in which DDoS protection becomes necessary.

These are some of the cases in which having top protection against DDoS, can make all the difference.

Online Games

DDoS attacks can also affect avid gamers and spoil their experience while playing their favourite titles. In most cases, DDoS attacks are used by some players as a cheating tactic that hampers their opponent’s performance. DDoS attacks increase the traffic sent through a server, slowing it down. Lizard Squad is a hacking group recognized for claiming responsibility for DDosS attacks on gaming services. In 2014, they targeted PlayStation Networks, Xbox and more related services, causing disruption for gamers around the world. DDoS protection is the most convenient way to ensure that you can enjoy online gaming without interruptions.

Company websites

If you have ever experienced issues with a website while you purchase an item, or try to access a particular section, this may be due to a DDoS attack on the server. For businesses, DDoS attacks can be devastating as they interrupt the normal operation of their websites and impact customers’ experience, which can lead to losses for the company. Keeping their website protected against DDoS attacks is a priority for online businesses. Investing on the best VPN with DDoS protection service is the most effective way to maintain the security of their servers and IPs.

Online Stock Market Trade

Professional stock market traders are also vulnerable to DDoS attacks and they may experience issues while trying to complete transactions. Time is essential when you are trading shares and things can change rapidly, which means that you can lose money if you don’t buy or sell shares at the right moment. This is why it is essential to have protection against DDoS attacks on your IP address or your server’s IP. Making sure that your device is safe from these attacks, will help you to avoid problems while you keep track of the activity of the stock market.

File Sharing and Torrent

These applications are particularly prone to be impacted by DDoS, which is why anyone who runs file Sharing or torrent websites, needs to have effective protection against these kind of attacks. Hosts of torrent and file sharing services would normally get a large number requests, but under a DDoS attack, the server would be swamped with fake requests that aim to take down the service. Having a VPN that offers optimized DDoS protection will keep the server’s performance at a good level and will ensure that the service is not disrupted.

Which VPN Provider Offers the Best Protection Against DDoS Attacks?

DDoS can impact different services including VPNs and while there are many providers that claim to offer protection against these attacks, there are just a few that can really guarantee anti-DDoS protection. PureVPN is an excellent choice in this area thanks to its dedicated DDoS protection features. Users can enjoy top grade protection through servers in Canada and France and regardless of how sophisticated the attack may be, PureVPN’s DDoS protection can avert it efficiently. The anti-DDoS feature offered by PureVPN covers all types of DDoS attacks and it provides unlimited protection.


It would seem that large corporations are the most common targets of DDoS attacks, but in reality anyone could be affected. Users need to defend themselves against these attacks and thanks to the anti-DDoS features supported by PureVPN, it is easy to remain safe. A VPN with solid protection against DDoS will guard your computers and mobile devices from these attacks.

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