Cosmic Watch App Review

Cosmic Watch AppThe Cosmic Watch App   is perfect for the hardcore astronomer or astrology enthusiast looking for a 3D planetarium with incredible detail.

The app has so many features and views that it’s actually a little overwhelming on an iPhone 6 where we originally installed it for this review. After we played with it for a little while it became easier to find what we wanted.

The developers did a great job adding lots of features with menus to help organize the options. If you click on the Cosmic Watch logo you can close all of the menus on the left to get a better view.

After initially reviewing the app on our iPhone 6 we installed it on an older iPad with iOS 9+. It worked fine for a little while but eventually crashed which is most likely due to the older hardware and operating system. While the iPhone 6 made it easier to go outside and use the live view of the stars, an iPad would make it easier to explore the features in better detail.


This app is packed with features — too many to list here. Check out some of our favorites below.


The first two menus on the left are static while the third menu option is dynamic depending on which Mode or View you choose. The last menu item has additional options for Clock, Sky, Guides, and Earth. This menu is also dynamic depending on which Mode or View you are using. For example, you can show constellations, Zodiac, Star Names, Planet Names, Celestial Rings, Clouds, and much more.

Augmented Reality

Cosmic Watch App - Augmented Reality 3D PlanetariumOur favorite feature is the ability to point our phone to the sky for an augmented reality view of the constellations and planets. Try it out with your kids to help them learn astronomy. You can scroll and zoom in to see more detail.

Time Shift

Another great feature is the ability to forward or reverse time in order to watch the stars move across the sky or see what the constellations looked like on a particular date.

Favorite Locations

If you like looking at the sky from a particular city you can save your favorites to a list and visit them whenever you like.

Online Manual

If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of options and settings in the Cosmic Watch app, you can click the hamburger/sandwich menu (three horizontal lines in the top-right corner) and click online manual though it opened up our mail program as if we needed to request the manual instead of view it online.

Your best bet is to just click on the question mark icon in the top-right corner and it will give you inline help for each option.

But while we were in the hamburger/sandwich menu we found even more advanced options for the truly hardcore skywatcher.

Sharing Screenshots

If you want to share something interesting you can click the red dot on the left side of the screen to share with others.


You can download the app from the App Store here:


Cosmic Watch Gallery

Check out some of the screenshots we took of the Cosmic Watch app.

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