How to copy from DVD to DVD using only one DVD drive

There are many programs that allow you to burn a DVD to another disc when you only have one drive available, but not many people are aware of the fact that it is also possible to do this without the help of specialized software. Although burning applications are very useful, there is a more practical solution to duplicate your DVDs. We will take a look at the process that will enable you to create DVD copies with a single drive. This will be a convenient solution for videographers who need to create multiple copies of their work, or users who want to share clips from holidays or other family events.

Built-in DVD burning feature
The good news for laptop users is that Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 include a DVD burning program and although it is not as advanced as other tools available, it gets the job done without any complications. This is how you can copy your DVDs with this integrated solution.
1. Start by copying all the files from the DVD you want to duplicate to a new folder on your Desktop. Give the folder a name that is easy to recognize and then move the files you want to burn to it.

2. Insert a blank DVD and allow a few seconds for Windows AutoPlay to recognize it. If the DVD is not detected by the AutoPlay feature after 10 seconds or so, open Windows Explorer (pressing Windows Key + e) and click the DVD drive on the left side under Computer.

3. When AutoPlay pops up, select “Burn files to disc”, name the disc and when asked “How do you want to use this disc?”, choose “With a CD/DVD player”.

4. Now you can drag and drop the files from the folder on your Desktop into the DVD burning window that says desktop.ini.

5. Finally, click the Burn to disc button to complete the process. Keep in mind that this is ideal for photos, videos, documents and audio files, but it would not be the best option for creating a bootable DVD or a copy of a full-length home movie. For these purposes, you should use imgburn.

Burning DVDs with imgBurn
You can download imgBurn from the official website for free, but you can also donate to keep the software available. The tool is lightweight, very easy to use and it supports Blu-ray discs, CDs, DVDs and HD DVDs. Using imgBurn allows you to copy the DVD to an ISO, which you can then burn to a second DVD.

In order to download and install the program safely, it is important to follow a few recommendations. First of all, make sure that you select a Download Mirror (or file server) located towards the centre the page. The latest version available is v2.5.8.0 and you will find it in small letters in the News section. Don’t click on the green download button as it is only an ad and ignore other irrelevant links.

Once you download the software, you can follow the instructions of the installation wizard. Accept the license agreement, features and destination, but ignore the recommendation to use a program called Conduit Search Protect and opt for Custom Installation instead.

Uncheck the “Install Conduit Search Protect” box before clicking Next. You will need to do the same for the “Tuneup Utilities” option. After that, the installation will be completed and you would have avoided risks of spyware. You can start using imgBurn to create an ISO image from the source DVD and then burn it into a blank disc using only one DVD drive.

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