The Best Free Windows Registry Cleaners

When a large number of useless keys accumulate over time, the Windows registry gets crammed with traces of installed or uninstalled software and your computer may slow down. Registry cleaners help you to clean old entries to ensure that your computer runs without any issues. There is a large selection of Windows XP and Vista registry cleaners available and here you will find a list of the best options you can get or free.

We have selected the most remarkable registry cleaners that you can find and you can expect great performance and quality from them, not to mention the fact that they are safe to use and won’t affect your computer. Just keep in mind that registry cleaners should not be used too often and while deep cleaning options sound like a good thing, they should be used carefully. Here are the top free Windows registry cleaners you can get nowadays.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner
eusingIf you are looking for a powerful registry cleaner that offers advanced features for extensive cleaning, Eusing is a great solution that you can get free of charge. It is capable of finding and removing invalid paths, missing shared dlls, invalid installer references and much more. Eusing is ideal for deep system cleaning and it is one of the best rated options available.


ccleanerThis is one of the most recognized system maintenance tools available. While most people use CCleaner for removing temporary files that are not needed, or to clean up browsing history data from the hard drive, it is also a registry cleaner that works seamlessly. It may not offer the deep cleaning options that other options include, but mild cleaning is better in many cases and CCleaner is bound to help you to enjoy better system performance.

Comodo Registry Cleaner
comodoComodo Registry Cleaner  has already achieved notoriety for its quality and reliability. It offers advanced options and it is capable of cleaning registry keys that other options could not locate. Furthermore, it can be safely used in your system without any concern. It comes supported by the experience and excellence of Comodo, a company that is known for optimal solutions.


Erunt 1.1
With Erunt you can backup and restore your registry. The tool, which only works for XP, also gives you the option to adjust and optimize your registry. Although it is not suitable for Vista users, Erunt is considered as one of the safest options available and it is also one of the best rated registry cleaners you can get.

TweakNow RegCleaner
TweaknowThere are two versions to choose from if you opt for TweakNow RegCleaner: professional and standard. Standard is available for free and it offers the main scanning and cleaning functions. The professional version includes a defragmenter and a Windows optimizer, which may be handy options but are not essential. Both versions of TweakNow RegCleaner are compatible with Windows XP and Vista.


EasyCleaner is one of the most versatile solutions available since it gives you the possibility to clean up duplicate, temp and useless backup files. One of the most impressive features of EasyCleaner is that it uses a up-to-date text file with registry keys that are not to be deleted or modified. This will help you to avoid many issues while running the registry cleaner.

regseekerRegSeeker stands out thanks to its user friendly interface and solid quality. It offers a variety of searching options including histories, startup entries, installed apps, favourites and more. This registry cleaning solution also allows you to tweak the registry and clean it. It works with Windows Vista and XP.


Wise Registry Cleaner
Wise Registry CleanerSome of the features that you can enjoy from Wise Registry Cleaner include a restore option that enables you to return your computer to the original state in which it was before running the software. This is a convenient solution in case something goes wrong. There is a free version, as well as professional one, which allows you to export entries to Excel.


Free Registry Cleaner
Apart from being one of the highest rated registry cleaners that you can find, Free Registry Cleaner is one of the easiest to use options. It is compatible with Vista and previous versions of Windows and it offers features like startup manager, disk cleanup utility, uninstall manager and process manager. It is capable of finding and removing more keys than other registry cleaners.

Argente Registry Cleaner
argenteArgente may not work equally well for all users and while some reviews praise it as one of the best registry cleaners out there, you will also come across reports of bad performance. The majority of negative feedback about Argente refers to the tool affecting the computer and even harming it. You may want to be careful before using this one, but regardless of the registry cleaner you choose, it is important to backup the registry before running the cleaner.

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