Checking the warranty status of your Apple device

When you get an Apple device, be it an iPad, iPhone, iPod or a Mac computer, you get a one year warranty that covers manufacturing flaws and hardware failures. You also have the option of adding years to the warranty with AppleCare. No matter what kind of warranty you have, it is easy to find out the current status of your warranty at any moment. Below we show you how to find out if the warranty of your Apple device is still valid.

First you need to know the serial number of your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac. Apple’s support page will give you information to locate this information in your Apple product.
The AppleCare section in Apple’s webiste offers resources to find out if your device is currently covered. Visit the following link and enter the serial number of IMEI or your product.
apple ios warranty check

Once you enter the information, you will see a page with the data about the current status of your warranty.

If your device is within Apple’s Limited Warranty,you can extend it to ensure that your device is covered against malfunctions by purchasing a plan online. Under the AppleCare coverage section, you will find the option to extend your coverage. If your warranty is still valid and you are having issues with your Apple product, you can arrange a repair through AppleCare support. If your warranty has expired and you need to get your product checked, you could buy a single incident support, which only covers you for a one time repair.

Extending your warranty is advisable if you intend to keep using your Apple devices for a long time. This will work specially for Mac but as we know, Apple regularly launches updates of their iPhones and iPads. If you prefer to upgrade to the next version, buying an AppleCare plan to extend the warranty would not be so important.

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