The Best Websites to Buy Used iPhones Online

best-buyBuying a second hand iPhone is a great option for people who want to get their hands on this coveted Apple device without paying an exorbitant price for it. Many people treat their iPhones with such good care that even after years of use, the phones are kept in perfect condition. When these users want to upgrade to the latest model, they are likely to put the old phone for sale and this is when you will have the chance to get an iPhone for a convenient price. There is an array of marketplaces and websites where you can find great offers on pre-loved iPhones. Here are some of the best options to look for a used iPhone online.

Amazon started as an online bookshop, but nowadays it is possible to get great deals in clothing, electronics, toys and much more. Of course, iPhones are also part of Amazon’s impressive catalogue and you will be able to find any model (new and used) you want for a fraction of the price you would pay in a physical shop. In Amazon there are many affordable refurbished iPhones and while some are put on sale by third party sellers, the fact that they are fulfilled with Amazon means that you can expect fast shipping and excellent customer service. Since buyers can leave feedback and rate sellers, you can check the reviews shared by others before making any purchase. Amazon is a legendary name in the world of online shopping and for many people, it is the first place to check for the latest gadgets and the best offers. It is hugely popular, convenient and it is a trusted source of used iPhones and related accessories.

There are many websites where you can buy and sell anything you want, but eBay will be always seen as a pioneer in the world of e-commerce. From the beginning, eBay gained recognition for helping small businesses to grow and for giving people the chance to find a market for their handcrafts, or to sell their unwanted goods. Millions of users rely on eBay to buy and sell their items and when it comes to iPhones, there is a large variety of options available. When buying a used iPhone on eBay, it is important to check the seller’s feedback to make sure that they have earned a solid reputation for the quality of their items, swift shipping and effective communication. Read the listing’s description carefully, take a look at the photos uploaded and contact the seller if you have any questions. You can get a great bargains on eBay as long as you buy from a reputable seller and since they have a protection program, you are also covered in case you run into any issues.

This online marketplace aims to become the best option to buy and sell smartphones, tablets and related accessories and although it is not as well-known as other websites, it is on the right path. Compared to online shopping giants Swappa has a limited selection of devices, however the fact that Swappa focuses on keeping high standards of quality, means that you can expect to get a great phone for a reasonable price. Buying in Swappa is easy since the website is specialized on mobile devices and they offer experienced and knowledgeable support. All listings are reviewed carefully and the quality of the devices is verified before they can be sold on the website. There are no selling fees, but buyers are charged a small fee, which is included in the final priced advertised on a listing. Even with this additional charge, you can find some of the best prices on internet for iPhones that are as good as new.

GameStop is known around the world for offering the latest in video games and consoles, but they are also a good option to buy an iPhone for less. The chain has a strong online presence and it is possible to find localized versions of their site for all the countries in which they operate. While the selection of second hand iPhones is not as extensive as what you can find on Amazon or eBay, GameStop has many good options and a wide range of colours, mobile phone service providers and models. You can buy without concerns because GameStop tests all the pre-owned products that they sell. This ensures that you can get devices that are in great working condition and if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can get a refund within 7 days, or an exchange within 30 days.

Best Buy
Best Buy is a retailer trusted by users in huge markets like Canada, United States and Mexico. If you are looking for great savings on technology, Best Buy is one of the most practical options to try online. It is important to keep in mind that while you can find outstanding prices on second hand iPhones, in most cases you would have to sign a 2 year contract with a cell phone service provider. It is also possible to get the device without any ties, but you would have to pay a higher price. Even if Best Buy doesn’t offer the same amount of options and freedom to get a low-priced iPhone as the other websites on the list, it is still worth considering.

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