Swappa: A hassle-free marketplace for mobile devices

Having a tablet or a smartphone has become a necessity for most of us and it is not difficult to understand why we can’t be without them. These gadgets are easy to carry, versatile and so practical that we rely heavily on them for business, communication and entertainment. While mobile devices are more accessible nowadays and there is a large number of manufacturers that compete to offer quality and reasonable prices, users are still looking for the most convenient way to get the best value for top items.

New models are constantly being launched and many people like to upgrade their smartphones and tablets regularly. Selling a used mobile device allows you to get some extra cash or to save towards a newer model. For buyers, a second hand gadget represents a cheaper option to enjoy all the features that a tablet or smartphone can offer. While there is a variety of websites where you can buy and sell mobile devices, some have hefty fees and others are not safe.

Enter Swappa, an alternative that aims to help you enjoy a great experience when buying or selling tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and more. Swappa was launched in 2010 and unlike other marketplaces, it has strict rules against the sale of damaged devices and these can only be listed in the Boneyard section, with the appropriate description. Swappa strives to offer a secure, reliable environment where buyer and sellers can enjoy a real sense of community. The site is easy to navigate and the rules and listing process are designed to reduce risks, protecting users and ensuring that they get great prices and quality.

Searching for an item or selling a second hand tablet or smartphone in great condition is simple with Swappa. There are no seller fees (although it is possible to pay to highlight a listing and buyers have to pay a small fee, included in the price advertised) and all the listings are verified, guaranteeing that you get amazing and fully functional devices for less. Another advantage of using Swappa is that the support team are experienced, skilled and quite helpful. They review all the listings to make sure that the quality criteria is met and that device ownership is proven.

Swappa has Buying and Selling sections where you can find or list a wide selection of brands like Samsung, Apple and Motorola. The items are organized according to the manufacturer or service provider and you can also search for an specific device. The Boneyard section is where broken or flashed devices, as well as accessories and parts can be listed. The fact that Swappa is exclusively dedicated to mobile devices, means that it is easier to use than regular marketplaces. It is possible to find well-known models and unique devices. Although the selection is larger in the US market, Swappa has international markets for users in Europe, Canada and the UK.

Swappa may not be as popular as larger marketplaces, but it is a well-established site and it is definitely worth a look if you want to get a mobile device for a good price. You can also make a good deal when selling your used smartphone or tablet. Swappa makes things simple and its solid posting guidelines make it a trustworthy option for buyers and sellers.

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