Best iPhone Camera Cydia Tweaks

One of the features that iPhone owners enjoy most about their device is its impressive camera. While there are many Android devices that offer a great quality as well, Apple has excelled in offering a powerful camera that captures images with incredible clarity. The problem is that even though the camera itself is very good and it offers useful auto-focus functions, it lacks features. The camera app doesn’t include a timer, which means that it is really difficult to set up the camera to take a picture at the right time. Even though there are some apps that you can get to add expand the features of your iPhone’s camera, if you have a jailbroken iPhone you can enjoy additional options. There are many camera tweaks available in Cydia, which will help you to get the most out of your iPhone’s camera. Here are some of the best tweaks that are available in Cydia. These work with iOS 6 and are also compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5.

If all you need is a timer, you can get CamTime for free in BigBoss Repo. This tweak is compatible with all models of iPhone and it offers a basic but useful timer function. CamTime can be used with the default Camera app, but also with any other app in which you use your iPhone’s camera. It works with Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Kamera is a must have option that will allow you to access the front and rear cameras easily and fast, from the Notification Center of your iPhone. With Kamera you will be able to access the camera in only a couple of seconds. This is incredible useful for those times in which you need to get a quick snap. You can get Kamera from ModMyi repo fro free.

If you have Activator, you can get access to your stock camera even faster and easier with CamFast. This tweak allows you to launch the stock camera from any section. Simply select the gesture from Settings then Activator and CamFast will let you access your camera at any moment, regardless of the screen you are on. CamFast is a free tweak available on BigBoss repo. It is compatible with iPhone, as well as iPad.

Instagram fans will love this tweak that allows you to open Instagram’s camera quicker. Since InstaSnap shares creator with Kamera, it is no wonder why these two have a similar concept. They are both focused in making things easier and faster for users. With InstaSnap, you will be able to access the Instagram camera from the Notification Center, where a “Tap to Snap” button will be placed. This will trigger the Instragram camera, allowing you to capture great images without delay. Get InstaSpan for free in ModMyi repo.

This Tweak is available from BigBoss Repo for $0.99 and it allows you to extend the capacities of your devices’ camera. It offers a timer for videos and photos, as well as a white balance lock. CameraTweak also lets you use separate focus and exposure functions to ensure that your pictures are sharper and with a better quality. It is compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and iOS 6.

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