Best Tweaks for iOS devices in Cydia

If you have jailbroken your Apple device, you are probably looking for the best options in Cydia to make the most out of this process. Cydia counts with a vast selection of tweaks to install in your iPhone, iPad or iPod. However, since there are no policies or quality standards established, not all of the tweaks deserve a place in your device. Some tweaks have been created by amateur developers and they may be just their first attempt in designing a third party application for iOS. To save you some time when trying to select tweaks in Cydia, we have listed the best options that you can find. All of them are worth getting and will help you to enjoy a great experience in your jailbroken device. Bear in mind that since the jailbreaking process, in essence modifies the performance of iOS, when you install a large number of Cydia tweaks, the battery life and functions of your device can be affected. The best thing is to check if the tweak that you want to install is really useful for you. These are the top tweaks that you can get from Cydia for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

This tweak lets you select the gesture you prefer to complete diverse tasks. From launching an app or tweak to adjust the screen’s brightness or change the song you are playing, you can use Activator to make things easier when you are using your device. Activator is so prominent in the world of tweaks, that many of them have integration for it.

Zephyr allows you to access the multitasking bar easily. All you need to do is to swipe up from the bottom to the top of the screen. You can also switch between applications with a slide movement to the right or left of your screen. Zephyr lets you close applications with simple gestures.

With IntelliScreenX, you will be able to customize the Notification Center and simplify things. It allows you to step up pages for your email address, as well as apps like Twitter, Facebook and RSS Reader. It is the ideal app to make your social media accounts and communication, more accessible.

This is one of the must-have tweaks you will find in Cydia. It allows you to access all the toggles you frequently use by simply swiping across status bar of pulling down from it. It works for Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi and more.

Springtomize 2
This is a real highlight in the customization tweaks found in Cydia. It is a versatile and useful tweak that will enable you to customize pretty much everything in your device. It is a comprehensive tweak that will allow you to personalize your device simple and conveniently.

Dashboard X
With Dashboard X, you can choose widgets in your iOS device and place them anywhere in the home screen. For instance, you can bring Notification Center widgets and place them in your home screen, known as SpringBoard. It has Activator integration, which allows you to access a useful Dashboard screen to display multiple widgets.


This tweak will give an impressive effect to your device’s lockscreen. It may not offer many functions but if you want to enjoy a great looking option to Fold to Unlock, it is an interesting tweak.

This is the best tweak to search for files in your device. You can access or edit any file but it is important that you pay attention and make sure that you are editing the right file to avoid any issues. iFile is a handy tweak to change permissions, view and editing your files and it supports a large number of file formats and video extensions.

InfiniDock/InfiniBoard and InfiniFolders
This set of tweaks can ensure that you can enjoy as many apps as you wish in your dock, in a folder or on your SpirngBoard. With the Infini tweaks, you can push the boundaries in your iOS device and also lets you get an extended number of features on your home screen.

GridTab for Safari and Tab+
This tweaks are designed to allow you to open all the tabs you want in Safari and you can view them in a bigger layout. These tweaks have a great appearance and you will not experience any lags when opening multiple tabs simultaneously.

With Gridlock you can place icons anywhere you want just by dragging and dropping them wherever you need them. You will enjoy a simple and convenient experience when using your device.

If you want to get 3D effects in your home screen, this is the weak you need. Whenever you open a new page on your device, you will be able to enjoy a 3D effect that you have previously selected.

If you want to access your home screen faster by getting rid of the lock screen on your iOS device, you can use this tweak, which avoids the lock screen when you press the home or power button. You can go straight to your home screen and you can disable it whenever required.

AndroidLock XT
You do not need to have an Android phone to set up a pattern to unlock your device, thanks to this tweak, you can use the same option for your iPhone. It allows you to create your own code to “Slide To Unlock” your iOS device.

Get enhanced security for your device with RecognizeMe, a tweak that uses biometrics to protect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It implements facial recognition technology, through some initial automated pictires taken with its Face Trainer feature. After this, you will have the option of unlocking your device using face recognition.

SpringBoard Invaders and SpringBlock Breaker

These tweaks will bring fun to your jailbroken experience as they will add a page in tour SpringBoard and turn it into a game of space invaders or block breaker that you can enjoy with SpringBoard icons.

Safari Download Enabler/ Manager

With a jailbroken device you can make iOS functions more flexible and these tweaks are the perfect example of it. iOS doesn’t allow you to download a file through Safari and save it on your device but with Safari DOwnload Enabler and Manager, you will be able to get and save any file you want.

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