Best iOS Apps for Car Owners

Having a car is very convenient but it also involves a lot a responsibility. While safe driving is essential, there are other important aspects that car owners should keep in mind such as maintenance. Thankfully, there are amazing apps for your iPad or iPhone that can help you to focus on driving while they provide useful information about maintenance, traffic, nearby gas stations and much more. These apps can become your trusted co-pilot as they keep you updated and ready to face the road. Here are some of the best apps for car owners.


Traffic information is really important for drivers and thanks to INRIX, you will be able to get accurate details to plan your route. This app offers road alerts that ensure that you can get to your destination safely and without delay. INRIX uses advanced technology to keep you updated as it gathers GPS data from road sensors, trucks, cameras and more. In fact, the information that INRIX provides is so reliable that some of best car manufacturers in the world use it in their in-car navigation systems. If you are looking for an app that provides relevant news and notifications that can help you to avoid traffic jams, INRIX is the right choice. This free app from INRIX, Inc. will make your commute more effective.

GasBuddy by GasBuddy Organization

Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere is one of the worst possible scenarios you can imagine. As much as we try to avoid getting into a situation like that, sometimes it is hard to find a gas station when you are on the road. With GasBuddy you will not have to worry about that again because this app tells you exactly where to find a gas station. Users can report new gas stations as well as those that are no longer operating, in order to keep the app updated. GasBuddy can also help you to save money since it shows you the cheapest gas stations in your area. You can contribute to the app with gas prices reports and it is possible to earn points and even free gas for sharing information with others. GasBuddy is a convenient app that you can download for free.


Finding a parking spot can be a challenging task. You could waste a lot of time driving around while you try get a safe place to park in a busy street. That is why our list of convenient apps for car owners, we could not miss Parker by Streetline, Inc. This app offers you handy features that will help you to avoid the hassle of looking for a place to park in some of the busiest areas in the UK, Canada and the US. Parker is fast, easy to use and it provides information about parking lots and authorized parking areas nearby. It is a very convenient option to find the right spot for parking and it even provides information about cost, hours, payment methods and more. Parker includes a timer to remind you when the meter is about to expire. There is also a Walk-to-Car feature that gives you directions to make it back to your car, even if you forgot exactly where you left it. This useful parking app is also available for free.


Stopping and asking someone for directions to get to a place seems like a simple solution. However, sometimes there is no one to ask or maybe the passers-by don’t have a clue. That is why you are better off using AroundMe, an app that serves as your guide to find anything you are looking for, including gas stations to banks, hospitals, restaurants and more. AroundMe was created by Attorno A Me S.R.L and it is an app that can identify your location in order to show you a list of nearby businesses. AroundMe is free to download and it is a great option to find the best coffee shop to take a break or a hotel to rest after a long road trip.


Even if your car is the most powerful vehicle available, it will require maintenance in order to offer the best performance. With an app like myCARFAX you can take care of your car easily as it provides a unique service data that displays your service history. It also gives you notifications when your car is due maintenance. You can keep track of repairs and service history for up to 5 cars and get cost estimates for any service required. It includes a comprehensive list of local car repair businesses and helps you to ensure that your brakes, filters and tires are checked on time. You can also get this handy app for free in the App Store.

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