Hudway GPS Navigation in a Heads Up Display

GPS software can get us to our destination by providing directions and helping us to plan our route. With the expansion of smartphone usage, drivers around the world have this technology easily available and can find out how to make it from point A to B with just a few taps. While this takes care of one aspect of driving, which is navigation, getting lost is not the only risk that drivers face. Poor visibility conditions caused by fog, snow, rain or darkness can affect your driving and common navigation systems only add distraction with voice commands and maps that take your attention away from the road.

Now, thanks to Hudway there is a navigation solution that lets you keep your hands on the wheel and stay focused on driving even in the darkest roads. Developed by Ivan Klabukov and Aleksey Ostanin, Hudway is a free app that aims to improve road safety while you drive at night or when the weather is playing against you. The app projects driving directions onto the car windshield to guide you through low-visibility conditions. Hudway is a unique app that will make you feel like you are driving a luxury car, or piloting a jet plane as it offers a head-up display that outlines the road in front of you.

What does Hudway offer?
Hudway is available for iPhone and Android users and it uses Google maps to let you establish a route. An internet connection is required for laying out your route, but once it is saved in Hudway, you will be able to access it offline. This means that even if you are driving in the middle of nowhere or you don’t have a data plan, you will still be able to follow the road with the help of Hudway. Once you have selected the best way to get to your destination, you should select Head-up Display mode to make sure that the directions are correctly displayed on the windshield.

The next step is to place the phone on your dashboard (preferably using a mat to prevent it from sliding), and the route will be projected off the glass. The app lets you anticipate the road by showing you the next turn and even the one after that, which ensures that you are always prepared for what is ahead. Dangerous turns are displayed in red and Hudway also shows your speed, the curve of the road and distances, keeping you aware of every important aspect of your driving. Bear in mind that the main purpose of Hudway is to enhance driving safety at night or when visibility is poor. The app is not as effective when used on a sunny day as the information it displays is practically impossible to see.

In terms of navigation, Hudway is reliable as it offers information from Google Maps, which is regularly updated and unlike regular systems, it helps you to keep your concentration on the road as all the data is displayed right in front of your eyes. Hudway puts head-up display technology (which was originally aimed at military aviation) at your reach. It also has a Professional Voice Assistant feature that warns you about dangerous curves on the road and you can share routes with your friends via Twitter or Facebook.

This practical app allows you to enjoy for free what HUD systems in high-end cars offer for thousands of dollars. Apart from an anti-slip dashboard mat to keep the phone in place when the car brakes, no additional equipment is required. Hudway is designed to work better at night or when the visibility is not optimal and while no special film is required to project the road onto the windshield, you could use a dark tinted film if you wish to use it when the sun is still out. As previously mentioned, the app is available free of charge but you can upgrade to Pro and get additional features such as customization options. Hudway is a brilliant and simple solution that could easily become a must-have driving safety and navigation tool for drivers, particularly those who live in areas where winter turns roads into a nightmare. Although you need to be connected to internet to plan your route, once this is loaded into Hudway, the app acts as a co-pilot and road guide that fits in your pocket.

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