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Having the right equipment is crucial to enjoy an amazing gaming experience. A good gaming mouse can enhance your playing skills, delivering speed and precision, no matter what kind of games you prefer. There is a great selection available and while gaming mice tend to be expensive, they are an investment that is worth making. We will present a list of some the best mice to get the most out of your favourite games, but first lets take a look at some important aspects to consider when it comes to these devices.

Many people wonder what technology is better, but the reality is that both are good, although their performance will depend on the surface. Usually, optical mice don’t work as effectively on shinny surfaces, while laser sensors don’t offer their best performance on raw surfaces. These issues can be easily solved with the right mouse pad. In the end, the type of sensors is not as relevant as other features like comfort.

If you want to enjoy hours of gaming without suffering pain and long-term injuries, you need a mouse that offers a comfortable grip, an easy-feel material and an ergonomic design that allows your hand to move naturally. It is important that you can control the mouse without any hassle to reduce the impact on your joints and wrists. Smooth performance, functionality and comfortable design are essential for a good gaming mouse.

Crucial features
Programmable buttons are a must-have for every game fan and can also be handy for other tasks. They can replace simple keystrokes, or execute multi-keystroke commands. The amount of buttons required would depend on the type of game, but in general it is a good idea to have as many additional buttons as possible.

Another important feature that you will find in gaming mice is profile configuration functions that allow you to store all your preferences, customization, commands and more. If the mouse offers the option to store profiles in on-board memory, you can use the device on any computer, which is very practical when you are on the go. Gaming mice can also be customized and programmed with the help of a driver software and the best brands offer easy to use, versatile interfaces that support a wide range of options.

Razer Naga HEX
Razer Naga HEXRazer is recognized for creating outstanding mice that offer advanced technology and sophisticated design. As a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and action-RPG optimized mouse, the Naga Hex is the best companion for players of games like League of Legends. The Razer Naga Hex has 6 large mechanical thumb buttons, which can be programmed with special abilities, spells or any items that you may need to get fast while you are playing. The mouse has a smaller size than other models, but it is comfortable. The buttons are easy to click and responsive, which ensures that you can defeat any enemy and get to the top of the leaderboards. It is available from just $60 in Amazon.

Logitech G700s
Logitech G700sFor less than $110 USD (only $70 on Amazon), you can get this versatile and convenient mouse from Logitech, a brand recognized for offering great support and quality. It has 13 completely programmable buttons that can be used with 5 profiles. The G700s works as a wireless mouse with a rechargeable AA battery and you can also plug it in and charge it while you play. Its sculpted buttons make the mouse easier to control. A unique feature that you will find in the G700s is a dual mode scroll wheel. You can switch between free-scrolling wheel mode and standard click by click mode. The first option is ideal for navigating and scrolling through websites and documents, while the click by click mode is the best option for gaming.


Logitech G600 MMO
Logitech G600 MMOThis innovative and highly advanced mouse offers great features such as 20 buttons, on-board memory to save up to 3 profiles and 8200 DPI laser sensor. In terms of performance and design it is pretty close to more expensive gaming mice like the Razer Naga Epic (which costs between $90 and $130), although the G600 MMO is larger in size and you can get it for just $60 USD. It has sculpted buttons and a practical G-Shift button that allows you to switch effortlessly between different 12-key button assignments. It also offers the possibility of customizing the side buttons and the mouse wheel tilts left and right.

Razer Ouroboros
Razer OuroborosYou will be amazed at the Razer Ouroboros’ futuristic design and physical customization options. This incredibly sleek mouse will make you feel as if you were using a device from another world. Its advanced performance and adjustable shape and configuration will delight avid gamers. The Razer Ouroboros is flexible, precise and thanks to its wireless option, it is also very convenient. It has 11 programmable buttons, magnetic “rest” and “grip” side panels, as well as 2 thumb buttons on each side. At $150 (although you can get it for less on Amazon), it is one of the most expensive options available, but its stunning looks and comfort will get you deep into the game.

Roccat Tyon
Roccat TyonThe Tyon from Roccat may seem larger than other mice and it could do with some additional weight, but it is very comfortable and offers a great set of features. It has a total of 16 buttons, including 6 sculpted buttons, 2 streamlined thumb buttons and an Easy Shift button. It also offers an ergonomic shape and impressive customization options such as polling rate, independent LED colours for the base lighting and scroll wheel. The Tyon is not only ideal for gaming but it will also suit any task as it can help you to increase your productivity with its programmable buttons, that can be used to create shortcuts. It is available between $90 and $100.

Razer DeathAdder
Razer DeathAdderThe DeathAdder is an iconic optical gaming mouse that offers useful features, affordability and ease of use. The popularity of this mouse remains strong thanks to a beautiful, yet simple design and powerful performance. It provides great comfort, top tracking and programmable thumb buttons that let you enjoy gaming with precision and elegance. This is a great option for basic needs and you can get it from less than $60.

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