The Best Ergonomic Mouse

People who spend several hours a day working on a computer tend to experience hand, wrist, neck, or back pain after prolonged periods. Good posture and taking regular breaks are crucial to avoiding health issues but have you considered improving the tools that you use? Accessories like an ergonomic mouse can help you feel more comfortable while using a computer which could reduce the impact that long hours of computer work can have on your body.

You may think that working on a computer all day or playing games for hours would not put your body under strain but the truth is that extended computer use can take its toll on your fingers, wrists, thumbs, elbows, and shoulders. Office workers, students, and anyone who spends most of their time in front of a computer must take steps to make their desk, chair, and tools more comfortable.

Using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse can make a difference for anyone that has felt pain after spending hours typing and continuously moving and clicking a mouse button. Although an ergonomic mouse may not be a magical formula to deal with repetitive stress injuries and may not vanish the pain, it can improve your working conditions and prevent further discomfort.

With an ergonomic mouse your hand will be able to move more naturally than with a standard mouse minimizing the impact on your wrists and joints. Apart from offering comfort, a good ergonomic mouse also needs to be responsive and efficient. We have listed the best options available that combine smooth performance, ergonomic design, and functionality.

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse

Logitech Wireless Performance Ergonomic MouseThe advanced optics and exclusive Darkfield Laser sensor technology which offers outstanding tracking capabilities are some of the reasons why the Wireless Performance mouse by Logitech is a great option.

It works well on any surface and has hyper-fast scrolling and programmable thumb buttons for fast and comfortable performance.

This mouse is a good example of the quality that Logitech offers.

Evoluent VerticalMouse4

Evoluent VerticalMouse4The striking look of the Evoluent VerticalMouse is combined with a great performance.

Its patented shape gives your hand a neutral upright posture that reduces forearm twisting. The Evoluent VerticalMouse is supported by many health professionals who vouch for this mouse’s comfort and potential to relieve wrist pain.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt ComfortThis top quality mouse has an impressive design that allows you to navigate smoothly.

Its shape offers a more natural posture for your hand, wrist and forearm. With streamlined curves that ensure a high level of comfort and effortless performance, the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is an ideal option to tackle the pain caused by repetitive stress injuries.

It includes a Windows 8 button that gives you instant access to the Start screen with just one click.

Razer Ouroboros

Razer Ouroboros Ambidextrous MouseThe Razer Ouroboros will impress you with is incredible design that looks like something out of a science fiction movie.

It offers highly advanced performance, designed to suit avid gamers but even if you use it for ordinary tasks, you will love its flexible and adjustable grip. It also has a wide range of customization options to ensure that you get top precision and convenience.

It doesn’t come cheap but it would be a must-have gadget if you love gaming.

Razer DeathAdder

Razer DeathAdder Gaming MouseIf you are looking for a top-quality mouse for gaming but the Ouroboros is not an option due to its high price you can rely on the DeathAdder, a legendary mouse that will let you enjoy hours of gaming with great comfort.

Its intuitive ergonomic design that encourages a better grip and its top optical sensor will allow you to focus on the game or the task at hand, without being interrupted by pain or discomfort.

3M Ergonomic Joystick Mouse

3M Ergonomic Optical Joystick MouseThe 3M Ergonomic Joystick Mouse stands out for its unique design and convenience.

It is very easy to use and has earned recognition from multiple health organizations such as the Arthritis Foundation.

All you need to do is to grip the handle and rest your hand on the base to enjoy great efficiency and comfort.

Contour Mouse

Contour Design MouseThis mouse aims to suit everyone, offering different sizes for left and right-handed users.

You can select the option that better fits your hand to ensure maximum comfort and seamless movement. The Contour Mouse is a convenient solution to avoid hand and wrist pain caused by excessive clutching and finger flexing.

HandShoe Ergonomic Mouse

HandShoe Mouse by Prestige International, Inc.The HandShoe Ergonomics Mouse by Prestige International, Inc. offers advanced design based on extensive research.

The mouse looks and feels good and it allows you to work efficiently while your hand rests comfortably on it.

Anker 2.4 Ghz Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical MouseFor less than $25 you can enjoy the ergonomic design if this mouse that also offers advanced optical tracking technology.

It is precise and effective, while allowing a natural position for your wrist and arm and offering effortless movement. While other options in our list offer superior comfort, this is a good and conveniently priced mouse.

Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse

Goldtouch KOV-GTM-R ERGONOMIC MOUSE RIGHT-H USBThis is another practical and affordable option to reduce pain while working on a computer.

The ergonomic design gives your wrist the support needed to avoid fatigue. While this mouse is a good choice, for the same price or slightly more you can enjoy a more comfortable solution.

Verbatim 97591 Ergo Mouse

Verbatim Wireless Desktop Ergo Optical MouseAnother good alternative for those who are looking for a comfortable mouse that will not break the bank. Verbatim’s ergonomic mouse offers an easy and smooth grip as well as thumb support and a good level of control and precision.

It is a simple, but practical solution that is available for around $20.


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