Best Free Keylogger Software for Windows

If you’re looking to find the best free keylogger software for Windows this guide will help you find one that suits your needs.

Keyloggers Record All Keystrokes On Your Computer

Keyloggers can be gadgets or programs designed to monitor the keys that are typed on the keyboard. The keylogger devices are easy to identify as they need to be physically connected between the keyboard and the USB/PS2 port. Keylogger software on the other hand, works on the background and can go unnoticed by most computer users.

The only option to discover the presence of these monitoring programs is using an anti-keylogger technology, or an antivirus solution that could detect it. Without these security options, it would not be possible to find out if every keystroke is being tracked. While keyloggers may serve illegal purposes such as stealing passwords or getting access to confidential information, there are also legitimate ways to use these products.

They can act as parental control tools that help you to ensure that your children are safe online and that they are not engaging in inappropriate conversations. Keyloggers can also be used as employee monitoring solutions that ensure that they are not misusing the company’s computers or sharing confidential files. Keep in mind that keyloggers should only be used in computers you own and you will need to make sure that your use of this monitoring tool is within the law.

It is possible to find many keylogger software options and some of them are even available for free. Even though paid version would generally offer invisibility and more functionality, there are also some good options that won’t cost you any money. We have listed the best free keylogger software that you can find online.

Spyrix Free Keylogger

The free version of Spirix Personal Monitor, allows you to record activity of all users – or selected users – on your computer. It tracks keystrokes and captures screenshots, enabling businesses to make sure that employees are not leaking out sensitive information and parents to monitor their children’s computer activity in order to protect them. Spirix is easy to configure and to use. However, some advanced features such as recording instant messaging conversations and online browsing activity are missing.


KidLogger is a great option fro parents to monitor their children’s activity not only on a computer, but also on mobile phones. It keeps record of texts, chats and all keystrokes on Android, MAC or Windows. KidLogger can also log text copied into the clipboard in Windows. The program also allows parents to view a list of the most used apps and contacts on mobile phones, as well as most visited websites. Additionally, KidLogger can keep record of USB drives, folders and files and it even takes screenshots from different applications including Skype. Overall, it is a very complete solution that will also suit employers that want to ensure that their staff are not misusing their work devices.

iSam by Triple G3

For many, iSam is the best keylogger software available, thanks to its rich set of features and powerful performance. It lets you record pretty everything that happens on your computer since it captures every keystroke. iSam can take screenshots of all activities and allows you to set a hotkey to run the program stealthy. There is also a password protection option and it even gives you the option to block certain URLs. This program gives you the chance of monitoring your system to ensure that any user that access it – your children or your employees – are using it appropriately.

BlackBox Express

This free monitoring solution offer a keylogger function that records keystrokes, web searching and web browsing history, programs used and also instant messaging chats. BlackBox stands out for its functionality since it enables you to monitor one local computer and up to 200 computers remotely within a network. It is also possible to leave out particular users that you do not want to monitor on the computer.

Free Keylogger

The name says it all. This program will capture keystrokes, log clipboard information and internet browsing history, without using screenshots. The data collected is kept on a hard drive so you can access it when suitable. Free Keylogger offers some invisibility settings, which work with an specific hotkey that allows you to hide the program, removing shortcuts from the start menu. However, the free version of this program does not offer an option to start in hidden mode, making it visible for anyone unless you manually hide it by clicking the “Apply & Spy” button.

REFOG Free Keylogger

REFOG is recognized for offering a wide selection of keyloggers that will suit individuals and businesses. While the free version lacks some of the most important features such as total invisibility, it monitors keystrokes, list of websites visited, programs used and other computer activity. The major issue as mentioned before is that it doesn’t really work in a stealth mode since a visible tray icon appears in the notification area. However, the program can be protected using a password and it is also very easy to remove.

DanuSoft Free Keylogger

This tool is very easy to use and it intercepts effectively keystrokes. To hide the program, you will need to enter a particular keyword and you can use another one to display it. DanuSoft Free Keylogger can also be set to run in invisible mode automatically when the computer starts. It can run in stealth mode in Windows, even though it would still appear in the Task Manager and Explorer and there is no password protection option.

Real Free Keylogger

When you run Real Free Keylogger for the first time, you will be prompted to create a password to protect the program to ensure that the settings and logs can only be accessed by you. There is a default hotkey -even though you can then set your own – to start the program in invisible mode. You can schedule the tool to be launched automatically and to start tracking the computer’s activity.

Revealer Keylogger Free

RevealerKeylogger Free is one of the most popular keylogger solutions available online, thanks to the fact that it is very responsive and runs smoothly. It tracks keystrokes with precision and offers multi-lingual support, as well as features such as automatic log clean-up, option to activate stealth mode and start-up settings. The program does not appear in the desktop or system tray while it is running. However, it is shown as an active process in the Task Manager, making it detectable.

Actual Keylogger

This free keylogger software captures every keystroke typed on a computer. While it is very basic and doesn’t offer the option to take screenshots or to send automatic email reports, it offers convenient invisibility functions. Actual Keylogger lets you hide the shortcuts and protect the activity recorded and settings with a password. The downside is that the program would still be visible in the Task Manager, which means that it can be easily spotted by advanced users. It still is a practical option if you need an easy to use keylogger.

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