Best Chromebooks

The popularity of Chromebooks has increased substantially over the last few months, thanks to their affordability. Another important part of their success is their user friendly interface, which offers a great alternative to the hassle that Windows 8 represents for many users.

Even though Chromebooks are web-based devices and as a result, the downside is that they do not offer many options when you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, there are also have many advantages. They are inexpensive, easy to use, work fast when you are connected to internet and you will not have to worry about updates.

In addition, there are more apps available nowadays that work offline. Many manufacturers are offering these computers that work with Google’s Chrome OS, meaning that you have many brands to choose from and you are more likely to find the best Chromebook for you. These are the options we recommend.

Acer 11-inch

A very reasonable price (only $199) is not the only great thing about Acer’s 11-inch Chromebook. It is solid, convenient and simple, in summary, you get great value for money with this device. With its 2.6 pound weight, It is easy to carry it around and the battery life offers over 8 hours of amazing speed and performance. A really great and practical option.

Dell’s Chromebook 11

The Chromebook 11 by Dell has a speedy performance and a strong, enduring design that makes it ideal for students. With over 7 hours of battery life and a keyboard that is a delight to use, you can’t go wrong with this Chromebook. It may not be one of the cheapest option but it’s worth considering thanks to its long lasting design and fast performance.

HP Chromebook

HP offers a great looking product that offers all the advantages of a Chromebook and that is set to get a lot of fans thanks to its appealing design. It is available in three colours: Coral, Aqua and Snow White. For $299, you can enjoy its comfortable keyboard, 2GB DDR3L SDRAM and 16 GB and up to 8 hours of battery life.

Acer’s C720P

The C720P offers an 11-inch display with touchscreen function that lets you enjoy easy navigation and a great gaming experience. The device is lightweight, with a glossy finish but what makes it stand out is its speed. The battery life goes over 7 hours and you can get it in Grey or White for a price that is around $280.

The Toshiba Chromebook

Toshiba offers a bright 13-inch display with potent speakers and Intel Celeron 2955U GHz processor. The battery life goes over 8 hours and a half hours, meaning that you can enjoy it’s impressive speed, high quality sound and image for a long time. Get Toshiba’s Chromebook for $270.

HP Chromebook 11

There is no doubt that this Chromebook offers an outstanding design with a beautiful finish and beautiful colors: Cerulean/White, White/Green and glossy black. The high definition display, great audio thanks to its powerful speaker and speed are other reasons to chose this Chromebook. The battery life goes up to 6 hours and you can get it for around $280.

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