Best Apps To Use At College

No notifications while studyingIt’s never been easier to get an excellent education. There have also never been so many distractions around us.

For college students living in an age with a surplus of digital fun and an overflow of communication channels with a multitude of social networks and messaging apps, it’s hard to focus on academic life. On the bright side, the same technology that can distract you for days can also work in your favor with some smart software choices.

A smartphone can be your assistant with the help of best apps for college students.

Best apps for students

Instead of installing the best games and streaming services, you should use apps that can help you with note-taking, scheduling, and learning.

Some of the best educational apps will be focused on one subject, some are broader, but you should increase productivity and efficiency with them.


Regardless of the platform, Evernote is in the Pantheon of mobile apps and rightfully so.

A great versatile app lets you keep lists, take notes, voice record, and can act as a to-do list hub.

Evernote has excellent OCR ability so that you can take notes with a smartphone camera. You can add checklists, links, audio, or attachment to your notes, and there is an option to sync data between devices. There are many layers to Evernote, and learning them all will be rewarding. is a web and mobile app with excellent scores and reviews.

It does what the name says. A humongous digital dictionary has definitions of almost every word in the English language accompanied by some word-based games, and both the web and mobile app are free. Another feature is Word of the Day, which can enhance your vocabulary. can replace heavy printed versions of dictionaries but the design could be a bit better.

This app will directly help you with writing tasks or when reading demanding literature. If you need more help with writing essays, Edu Birdy web app can assist college students.


StudyBlue is a flashcard creating and sharing the app with a vast ecosystem.

More than 7 million people use this app and share over 250 million learning pieces of content.

You could make flashcards online or on mobile devices you can take quizzes and share content.

It’s a valuable and free tool for both teachers, who can find a collection of worthy flashcards, and for students, who need help with creating better learning materials.

All students have a cluttered schedule juggling classes, studying, extracurricular activities, and a productive social life.

Among apps for college students, there should be at least one to-do/task management software. has been on the top of the list of time and task management apps for years.

It offers synchronization across devices and platforms with support for both iOS and Android as well as smartwatches.

You should choose the Premium version, which costs $2.99 monthly, but you will get advanced features like recurring reminders. can help you manage multiple tasks and obligations, set reminders, and share tasks with others. It has color coding for tags and location-based reminders.


If you like to study using mind maps, Xmind is the best available iOS and Android solution that costs $9.99 for six months.

You can organize ideas, turn complex information into a mind map, and use organizational charts to increase efficiency.

You can export your content to Evernote, and if you want additional features, the SimpleMind app can add images, videos, and audio recordings to your maps.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a crossover from an advanced search engine, and AI wanna be. It’s an app that gives you relevant and complex answers.

It’s very useful for math and science students. Wolfram Alpha computes the answers to the search query and gives you back relevant visualizations and complete answers.

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Bottom line

College can be a harsh and intense period with college loans, exams, social life, intense studying sessions, and lectures. Almost all students already have smartphones. With the enormous offering of educational apps, a natural step should be to use the best college apps and make your life a little or a lot easier.

There is an app for almost everything. If you are not disciplined, the starting point should be distraction blocking apps. Depending on your classes, there are apps for many subjects like Photomath for math, or Duolingo for learning languages. Choose your app set wisely and let your smartphone be your smart assistant through college.


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