How To Recover Deleted Text Messages From Your iPhone

Oops! I accidentally deleted my text messages!

After going through your old text messages, you decided to delete some or all of them without realizing that they contained important information that you have not saved anywhere else. Maybe you wanted to delete a spam message about offers that don’t interest you and instead, deleted that incredibly funny text that made you day.

Whatever the case, there is no reason to despair as you can recover deleted texts from your iPhone. There are different ways to do it, but the easiest one is to restore from backup. If that doesn’t work, you may be able to get your deleted messages back with the help of data recovery software. Here are the methods that iPhone users can use to retrieve their deleted texts.

Restore from iCloud

Backing up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes regularly is essential and if you have been doing it, there should be no issue to restore your text messages from the backup. Whenever you synch with your computer, a backup should be created automatically, unless you have disabled the automatic sync option in iTunes. The problem is that the possibility to backup text messages to iCloud is not available in every country or for every mobile service operator. If you are lucky enough to have this option in your country/operator, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Go to and login with your Apple ID and password.
  2. Click on Text Messages. Keep in mind that if you do not see the option, it means that your messages haven’t been backed up and you will need to opt for a different solution.
  3. If the Text Messages option is available, you can go through them to find the ones you are looking for.
  4. Go to your iPhone and select Settings, then iCloud.
  5. At this stage, you will need to make sure that Text Messages is turned off. Then you will see a pop-up, where you can select Keep on my iPhone.
  6. Turn Text messages on.
  7. Tap Merge and wait a few minutes. Then you should see the deleted text messages back on your iPhone.

Restore from iTunes backup

For those who could not try the iCloud option, there are other alternatives. Recovering from iTunes backup is another easy way to restore deleted texts. This is what you need to do:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes, if it is not open automatically.
  2. In the top right-hand corner, you will see your iPhone in a box. Select it.
  3. Select Restore backup
  4. The data on your iPhone will be replaced with the data that has been previously backed up. After a few minutes, you will be able to see the deleted texts on your device, unless you backed up after deleting them.

Restore using data recovery apps

There is still something else that you can try in case restoring from iCloud/iTunes backup did not work for you. There are third-party apps that can help you to get the text messages back, but it is important to keep in mind that they might not work and in most cases, you have to pay for them. The most popular options for iPhone include PhoneRescue, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery, iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery and Wondershare Dr. Fone for iPhone. They offer free trial versions but if you want to get the full functionality you will need to pay near $80 USD for an upgrade. If you are willing to make the investment, these programs may help you to get back your texts, if they have not been overwritten by new messages or files.

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