Best 6 Free Parental Control Apps for Android

There’s no doubt that the growth of tech has been revolutionary. Unlike in the past, children today have exclusive access to tech gadgets. Therefore, parents find it hard to monitor their children’s actions 24/7.

However, with the help of the best parental control apps, you can now see what your kid is doing online.

What are Parental Control Apps?

Children tend to spend a lot of time online. And apps for cell phone monitoring for parents help to monitor their activities.

These applications also allow guardians to set controls on their kids’ web use. Moreover, they help prevent kids from accessing inappropriate online content.

Mother and daughter playing games with smartphone
Monitor your child’s activity with parental control apps.

The apps also have settings that allow you to set restrictions on your household and family gadgets through a customized process.

Furthermore, these applications help by providing tips on optimizing the usage of home internet such as Wi-Fi. These apps are ideal, especially for children not of legal age, and require supervision at home and school.

How to Choose the Right App

While these solutions are meant to keep your little ones secure, you should know that they all operate differently.

Therefore, selecting the best parental control app requires you to understand how certain features work.

Here are a few vital aspects you should prioritize:

  • Flexibility: select an application that is compatible with most modern devices, including Android and iOS.
  • Pricing: Applications have unique functions and thus come with varying prices. Decide on a budget and get the best parental control app for Android within that range.
  • User-friendliness: Parenting is highly engaging, and you need an application that is straightforward to operate and understand.
  • Features: You need an app with several functionalities, especially stealth mode, which helps keep the monitoring app hidden on the target device.
  • Free trial period: While it is impossible to find an entirely free application because of the cost of running such an app, most genuine apps have a free trial period.
  • Support: You can never anticipate when a technical hitch will occur. For that, you need an app with a 24/7 remote support team that you can turn to when it happens.

Top 6 Parental Control Applications for Android

There are a lot of parenting applications in the market. Even so, not very many fulfill the immediate needs of their users.

After thorough research, we’ve concluded that the best application needs several functions and offers flexibility at a fair rate.

So, if you’re still wondering, what is the best parental control app for Android? Here’s our list of the top six.


mSpy is undoubtedly the best parental control app for iOS and Android. Its superior innovation even allows you to manage call logs.

Moreover, you can keep a tab on your youngsters’ SMSes, in addition to social site activities on messengers like Line, Snapchat, and Kik.

Once more, it’s easy to make a recording of your children’s screens, manage applications, and see their location at all times.


EyeZy is another excellent parental control app that parents can use to monitor their kids’ internet activity.

Monitoring with this application gives you peace of mind. For starters, you can look at your kids’ messages and internet activity without a hassle. It’s similarly possible to see their location via GPS and as well as blocking malicious applications.


This application is accessible on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Qustodio allows you to forestall unsuitable internet links and applications on your kid’s smartphone.

Again, this Android parental control app tracks your child’s call logs and SMSes. Parents can also observe the actions of their children on the internet, including daily reports.

Norton Family

It makes it to the list of the best parental control apps because of its focus on family. The application is ideal for guardians considering keeping track of their children’s search keywords.

Keep tabs on the content your children consume on their devices. You can also restrict their duration of exposure with the device.

Family Time

This parental control app stands out because of its geofencing feature. The application notifies you whenever the child leaves the set safe zones.

Family Time helps keep unsuitable content at bay. Additionally, if they’re investing too much energy in a device, it helps restrict their usage.


Bark is an affordable smartphone application available on iOS and Android stores. The application equally helps set the appropriate content for kids and restrict their screen time.

Moreover, it offers your child a sense of privacy while blocking potential areas of threat. Bark also tracks social media conversations, emails, and texts 24/7.


If you’re looking to get a parental control application for Android or iOS devices, it’s clear you’ll have plenty of choices.

Nevertheless, it would be best to keep in mind that they all have their ups and downs. Even the best parental control apps cannot guarantee 100% safety. So, be sure to choose the one that meets your most immediate needs.

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