The Best 5 Cases for iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is loved by millions of users for its amazing features and convenient size that allow you to enjoy Apple’s advanced technology on the go. To ensure that your iPad mini is safe from scratches and spillage, it is important to get a good quality case that offers protection without making your device too bulky. If your main concern is to avoid minor bumps, as well as keeping the iPad mini easy to carry, you should choose a protective solution that combines slim design and that fits your iPad mini perfectly.

While there are simple solutions like the Smart Cover offered by Apple, the reality is that you are better off with a case that fully protects your device and that offers good value for money. When buying a shell for your iPad mini you should also look for one that gives you easy access to the device’s ports. Strength, convenience and affordability are other aspects that you should keep in mind. In our list, you will be able to find cases that ensure that your iPad os safe without affecting its portability.

Slimline by Poetic
Poetic is recognized for offering simple and convenient accessories for affordable prices and its Slimline case is a great option for those that want lightweight and full coverage for their iPad Mini. Slimline has a folder design that makes it ideal to fit your iPad and place it safely in your bag pack, while keeping dust and dirt away. While the reality is that it is not a sturdy option and it may not offer great protection against bumps, it will still save the screen from scratches. It also lets you enjoy multiple viewing angles and all the important functions such as charging port, speakers and button are easily accessible. Slimline is available in Amazon and in the Poetic’s website for price that goes from $9.95 to $19.95.

Slim Folio by Griffin
Griffin offers a practical option to ensure that your iPad mini is protected, while all its functions remain easy to access thanks to the case’s custom cut-outs. The Slim Folio, as the name suggests, has a sleek design that allows you to carry your iPad mini with confidence and it can also be folded to be used as a stand. The case is not as sturdy as other options but if you are mainly looking for a solution to carry your iPad safely inside your bag, the Slim Folio is a good choice. It won’t add extra bulk to your iPad and the microsuede inner lining maintains the screen safe from scratches . The price is regularly between $20 and $40 USD but with some deals you will see the price reduced to less than $10 USD.

iPad mini Armor Carbon Fiber by BodyGuardz

Not really a case, but a skin that can ensure that your iPad mini is free from scratches, the Armor Carbon Fiber offers a cool design and helps to make your device less slippery. The PVC based film is easy to apply and can also be removed without any hassle. However, it may not be the best option in terms of protection and its durability is a but disappointing. Still, if what you need is a fast and convenient solution to keep dust off your device, you can get a great level of coverage with BodyGuardz’ skin. You can get it in Red, Black and White. Prices start at $15 and go up to $29.95.

Ultra Thin Snap-on by Incipio
Incipio has created one of the slimmest shells in the market to cover your iPad mini and its sleek design does not only look great, it also keeps your device protected from scratches and small bumps. It is extremely light, offers a good grip and it has a great finish. While it does not protect the iPad mini from drops, it makes it easier to grasp and fits the device perfectly. In Incipio’s website, the price goes up to $29.95 but with a little research, you can get it for $14.95 ON AMAZON.

The Ridge by Devicewear

Apart from the great feel of its textured vegan leather, the first thing you will notice about The Ridge is that your iPad mini fits perfectly in it. Devicewear’s case is a multifunctional case that offers a high level of protection for your iPad mini, without leaving design and style behind. With this case, your iPad will be safe from bumps and scratches and you will also be able to enjoy a versatile viewing experience thanks to its six different angles. It comes with a small plastic ridge at the bottom that helps to maintain the case closed to ensure your iPad is safe. The iPad will automatically be set in sleep mode when the case is closed. Depending on where you buy, you can get The ridge for between $21 to 49.95 USD.

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