Best 3D launchers for Android

Android plays a leading role in the mobile devices industry due to its flexibility and affordability. However, in terms of appearance, Android’s interface looks standard, which can be expected from a platform that aims to suit multiple needs. In spite of the lack of visual impact, Android is still all about flexibility, which makes it possible for developers to create tools that let you to overcome the uniform look of the operating system. With the help of launchers, you can modify your Android phone’s interface.

Customizing the home screen of your device is simple with these apps that help you to adapt the Android experience to your own style. They also let you enjoy an additional dimension on your phone and incredible effects that bring a wow-factor to Android. Here are the best 3D Android launchers that add a unique touch to your device.

Next Launcher
If there was such a thing as luxury 3D Android launchers, the Next Launcher could be considered as one, based on its price and top quality technology. At $16.99, Next Launcher is the most expensive option available, but it is definitely worth what you pay for it. It includes an impressive set of features such as stereoscopic three-dimensional screen previews with amazing animation and an Icon Editor, which lets you create icons that suit your style. Powerful, efficient and incredibly versatile, this launcher has become a favourite for many Android users. If you prefer not to splash on a launcher, no matter how good it may be, you can try the free version of Next. It offers less features and customization options, but it still has strong 3D capacity.

SPB Shell 3D
It wouldn’t be possible to talk about 3D launchers without mentioning SPB Shell, a solution for those who want their Android device to stand out from the crowd. This popular launcher by SPB Software allows you to personalize your Android experience with a variety of gorgeous animations and transition effects. SPB Shell offers a 3D home screen, vibrant colours and useful widgets. The downside of SPB Shell is that it is not exactly cheap. You will need to pay $14.95 for it and unfortunately, there is not much to expect in terms of innovation and updates.

TSF Shell
If you want to enjoy a stunning 3D interface, but don’t feel like paying over $10 for it, you may opt for TSF Shell, a highly rated Android launcher that is available for just $9.90 USD at Google Play. TSF Shell by TSFUI, has become a favourite option for many users, thanks to advanced features like intuitive gesture controls, which allow you to organize apps’ icons without any hassle. Its innovative design, incredible transition effects and technology, place TSF Shell in the top when it comes to three-dimensional home screen replacements. TSF is more affordable than the widely used SPB Shell, and it is also considered by many as a better alternative.

GO Launcher EX
This is a convenient and well-established launcher that offers many options to customize your Android phone. GO Launcher EX was created by the same developers of Next and it includes a great selection of wallpapers, widgets, plugins and themes to make your device special. It is compatible with Android 2.0 and above and it can be downloaded for free, making it a very appealing solution. If you want to enjoy more features and get rid of the ads, you can pay $5.99 to upgrade to the Prime version. This price is still very convenient when compared to other launchers and it allows you to access additional features and transition effects.

ADW. Launcher
AnderWeb designed a launcher that has achieved a classic status. While new options have taken over the market, ADW. Launcher  is still preferred by thousands of users thanks to its practical navigation gestures and configurable home screens. You can also chose from a wide selection of skins and themes and the launcher can be customized in any possible way. ADW. Launcher may be simple, but it offers all the options that you need to ensure that your Android experience doesn’t feel monotonous. Plus, it is free to download, which makes it even more attractive.

Apex Launcher
With Apex Launcher, you can transform the appearance your Android phone without slowing it down. This launcher from Android Does, offers you the possibility of enjoying a phone that looks unique and that works smoothly. It has become one of the favourite customization solutions for many users and it includes all the features that you can expect from this kind of Android launcher. From transition effects to convenient home screen gestures, Apex Launcher allows you to experience Android in the way you prefer. You can go for the free version, which provides basic customization options, or upgrade to Apex Launcher Pro ($3.99) to enjoy a large range of themes, gestures and more.

Yandex. Shell
This is one of the most innovative home screen launchers available in the market today and it also works as an address book and dialer. Yandex is free and very easy to use, allowing you to customize your phone without any complication and to change its appearance in just a few seconds. Its convenient 3D carousel enables you to switch between screens easily and you can make sure that your favourite widgets (such as weather, traffic updates, or latest news) are always handy by placing them on the same screen. Yandex. Shell also has a practical search tool to locate apps without delay.

Launcher 8
Launcher 8 is a great option for users who want to enjoy the look and feel of a Windows Phone on their Android device. Xinyi Network’s launcher gives you the chance to have a desktop experience on your mobile, with incredible speed and personalization features. You can also create your own themes and share them with others. Launcher 8 offers customizable tiles with translucent appearance so you can still see the wallpaper through app icons and widgets. There are many options available with Launcher 8 including the possibility to edit the start screen layout, switch the style of the application list, set the Windows phone style lock and add Android widgets in the tiles. You can download this Launcher for free, or get the Pro version for $4.99 to enjoy advanced features.

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