GO Launcher EX

One of the best ways to enjoy a truly unique Android experience is to customize the look and feel of your phone or tablet. GO Launcher EX is recognized as a versatile solution for users who want to personalize the appearance of their devices’ interface. GO Launcher EX offers a vast selection of customizable options, impressive special effects and exclusive widgets. It allows you to makeover your Android’s screen, adding a refreshing and vibrant look to it. There are plenty of options to ensure that your device suits your own style. Let’s find out more about how GO Launcher EX can bring an individual design to your phone.

How can Go Launcher EX transform your Android
Sungy Mobile’s GO Launcher EX was released on 2010 and since then it has built a strong user base and a solid popularity, thanks to the wide array of customization options it provides. With GO Launcher EX, you will experience colourful icons, dynamic widgets and cool transitions. There is a large number of themes supported (keep in mind that some of them aren’t free) and you can download them from Google Play. The themes appearance would vary, but in most cases, they feature large icons and wallpapers that are lively and fun. You can change themes whenever you wish and set wallpapers, icons and folders in the way you prefer.

GO Launcher EX has a layout that is similar to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, including virtual buttons for home and recent apps at the bottom of the screen and the app dock above them. What makes GO Launcher EX stand out is that it offers users greater control over the screen’s look. The app drawer includes useful options to manage your apps, folders and widgets. Size and font of icons can be adjusted, and you can organize apps according to their name, installation date and how often you use them. Unlike other launchers, GO Launcher EX offers the option to hide unwanted apps, as part of the free version. You can also enable infinite scrolling to go through home screen and app drawer pages easily. The speed of screen transitions can be modified and screen orientation can selected.

Go Clock EX features over 20 widgets and tools to help you make things simple. It offers the usual options like Calendar, Weather and Clock, but it also includes special widgets and plugins such as Clean Master and Toucher. Clean Master is a convenient widget that indicates memory usage and that can also be used as a task killer. Clean master allows you to close running tasks, get rid of junk files, manage privacy settings and more. Toucher is a plugin that lets you save time when you want to adjust settings, access the recent apps menu, launch email services or lock the screen. Other plugins that you may find handy are Media Manager, which gives you access to your photos, music and videos and Multi-wallpaper, which lets you use a variety of wallpapers for different home screens.

With GO Launcher EX, users can also enjoy a wide range of transition effects for home screen and app drawer. Transitions effects run seamlessly and the options include Chariot, Roll and Windmill. The transition speed can be adjusted in the launcher’s menu. Another way in which GO Launcher helps you to customize your Android experience, is by giving you the option to define your own gestures to manage your apps. The launcher is efficient and responsive and it lets you switch smoothly between apps and services. The only thing to consider is that the app is optimised for smartphones and may not work as effectively on tablets.

GO Launcher EX is packed with customization options that will allow you to personalize your Android phone according to your needs. It is a good solution to replace the default skin on your device, if you are looking for more alternatives for themes, wallpapers, widgets and plugins. The launcher can be downloaded for free, but if you want to remove the ads and unlock all the features available, you will need to upgrade to Go Launcher Prime for $5.99 USD. The paid version also includes additional transition effects and a practical multi-touch gestures option for quick access to main functions.

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