BatchPhoto: Make Batch Photo Editing Simple

BatchPhoto logoEven if you are not a professional photographer, chances are that you have a large selection of photos that could do with some adjustments.

The quality and convenience of digital cameras and smartphone cameras ensure that we can capture images wherever we are. However, editing and retouching several photos can be a challenging task and that is why, a tool that can simplify the process is a great addition to your software library.

Editing photos as a batch would be the best solution when you need to deal with many photos. Using a batch photo editing solution like BatchPhoto, will enable you to rename your photos, modify their size or add a filter. Here is what this practical solution from Bits&Coffee offers.

Batch Photo Editing

Unlike other batch image processors available, BatchPhoto has a straightforward interface and simple, yet powerful features. The software is designed to help you to avoid complications while you focus on getting your photos edited.
Instead of listing a wide variety of options that may end up creating more confusion, this application is focused on making your batch-editing experience as seamless as possible. BatchPhoto is very easy to use editing tool that can be enjoyed by both photograph experts and users without specialized knowledge.

BatchPhoto Features

One of the main appeals of BatchPhoto is its smart, pleasant interface that won’t overwhelm you with a legion of complicated options. The clear design ensures that the editing process can be completed within a few steps.
The app also includes a great selection of filters that will help you to enhance your photos. If you want to add a special touch to your photos, you can rely on the variety of filters available. Some of the options include Vintage, Sepia and Charcoal Sketch. With BatchPhoto, you can also edit your photos before uploading them to Facebook or Flickr.

Additionally, BatchPhoto offers great compatibility and support for a wide range of image formats including GIF, PNG, TIFF and JPEG. This will make things easier when you work with heavy images. BatchPhoto is so powerful that it allows you to process multiple RAW images without experiencing a slow-down on the app’s performance. With BatchPhoto, you can also adjust the colour in the batch images or replace a colour with a different option.

BatchPhoto is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows. A free trial is available, but to get all the features that the software offers you should upgrade to BatchPhoto Home ($29.95), Batch Pro ($49.95) and BatchPhoto Enterprise for $129.95.

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