How to Backup Your Mac and MacBook Pro

No matter how careful you are with your files, data loss is a risk that is constantly lurking. It can happen due to damage, system issues or human error, but regardless of the cause, losing data is not a good experience. When important company documents vanish, the financial consequences can be devastating. Memories are precious too and if all your pictures suddenly disappear, it is impossible not to feel upset. Although we aware of the effects of data loss, the reality is that many people are still not backing up their data.

In most cases, the main reason for not backing up data is simply that it is seen as a complicated process. That may have been true in the past, but nowadays we have many options to back up our information easily. Technology has advanced and options like cloud storage services have changed the way we save our files. If you are concerned about data loss, but at the same time don’t want to spend too much time and effort backing up, we will guide you through some hassle-free methods to backup the files from your Mac.

Automated Backups
Time Machine is an application included in OS X that keeps a copy of all your files and can even show you how the system looked on a specific day. It offers a simple and easy way to backup your Mac. Simply connect an external hard drive device and the application will take care of the rest. It is not a complicated option, but it requires you to remember to plug the hard drive on a regular basis to ensure that the data is backed up. The alternative is to get Apple’s AirPort Time Capsule.

The Time Capsule is a incredibly fast Wi-Fi station and a convenient backup device. It is a powerful option that makes backing up easier and faster. Once you have Time Capsule set up, there is nothing else that you need to do in order to backup. It automatically recognizes your network and then it determines when backing up your computer is required. Time Capsule offers up to 3TB of storage capacity and it is available for $399 USD.

Cloud Computing Backups
While Time Machine and Time Capsule are convenient options, the reality is that you should not rely on a single backup solution. Time Capsule may not be a suitable option for many due to the price, but apart from that, if someone steals your computer and the Time Capsule, of if they are both damaged during a natural disaster or a house fire, your data would be gone. This is the reason why many users prefer cloud computing services over storage devices. Cloud storage services can be configured to work automatically in the background. There are many options available, including Dropbox and Backblaze.

Dropbox is mainly used to store documents in the cloud, but it also works as an automated backup solution. Simply save all your documents in the Dropbox folders to ensure that they are stored in the cloud. The easiest thing to do is to set up the same type of folders that are used in the Home folder on OS X. Once you have created folders like Photos, Music and Documents in Dropbox, you can make shortcuts to them. Whenever you create a file, make sure that it is saved in those folders. This will prompt Dropbox to automatically back them up in the cloud.

This method ensures that your files are synced in the cloud automatically and it also allows you to access them at any time and anywhere. Simply install the Dropbox app on your iPad or iPhone and you will be able to access your files on the go. Dropbox offers a free service that provides up to 2GB of space. You can get 1TB if you upgrade to Dropbox Pro for $9.99 per month and business users can enjoy as much capacity as they need, as well as unlimited file recovery for $15 per month.

Backblaze is another cloud backup service that works well on OS X. It doesn’t affect the system’s performance while it runs in the background, it automatically backs up all the data from your computer ensuring that all your documents, music and photos and stores them securely in the cloud. You also have the option of selecting the files that you don’t want to back up. Both Dropbpox and Backblaze offer security for your files, ensuring that they can only be accessed by you. In terms of pricing, Backblaze is an affordable option that supports unlimited data, bandwidth and file size for just $5 per month, $50 per year or $95 for 2 years. Backblaze is also very convenient as it gives you the possibility of setting the backup speed.

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