Armpocket – Top Quality Armband Cases for your iPhone

Armpocket is dedicated to create practical solutions for smartphone users that have an active lifestyle. The convenience of their armbands is well known and their products are loved by many runners, who want to keep their phones and other valuables with them even during a marathon. Armpocket has specialized in designing armbands that provide comfort and safety for your device and their commitment to quality shows in every product. They offer a wide selection of armbands that suit different phone brands and styles. Two of their most popular products are the Aero i-10 and the Xtreme i-30, which are suitable for iPhones.

These two amazing accessories for iPhone demonstrate why Armpocket is recognized by many as a leading manufacturer of armbands. They guarantee convenience, comfort and durability through a simple design that is very resistant. Armpocket’s armbands are perfect for professional runners, those who love to be active and anyone that needs a simple solution to keep their iPhone handy while they exercise. They give you freedom of movement, while ensuring that your iPhone is safe.

The Aero i-10 and the Xtreme i-30 models are great examples of the versatility and durability that Armpocket strives for. Even though they are designed to be resistant and to hold your iPhone -and even cards and money- securely, they are lightweight and will not add too much bulk to your device. They are water and sweat resistant, manufactured with eco-friendly materials and are machine washable. Let’s take a further look at how this simple, but functional armbands can really make a difference in the way you carry your iPhone while you are practicing your favourite sport.

The main difference between the Aero i-10 and the XTreme i-30 is that the latter is slightly larger and suits iPhones equipped with slim cases. Apart from that, the two models are very similar and share the same features. At first sight, the cases appear to be bulky but thanks to the materials and smart design, they are actually very comfortable and light. They do not add weight or a considerable amount of size to your iPhone, meaning that they won’t interfere with your exercise routine.

Every aspect has been taken into consideration to make sure that the armbands offer a practical solution for those with an active lifestyle, including the accessibility to iPhone functions that you need during your workout. Under the armband case there are two ports to allow you to plug your headphones. To ensure that nothing disrupts your exercise routine, you can loop them using the zip-n-stow. Since convenience is such an important part of the Armpocket experience, the armbands also feature interior compartments to keep cards, money or small belongings. You will not need to use additional carrying cases as you can fit the main items you need in the same place.

Comfort and convenience while carrying your iPhone are important, but without good touchscreen responsiveness, things would be less than ideal. Thankfully, Aero and Xtreme both offer a design that lets you to access the touchscreen functions your iPhone, while keeping it protected. They feature a plastic screen cover that in spite of its thickness, allows you to easily tap on the phone to skip through your playlist, answer calls or read messages. With Armpockets’ armbands, the iPhone is safe from scratches or spillage but at the same time, the touchscreen responsiveness is maintained.

The top quality, simple, yet stylish design and practical solutions that these armbands provide, make them a fantastic option for carrying your iPhone while you are on the move. They are comfortable, convenient, not to mention that they are available in a wide range of colours to suit your style. Thanks to the durability and protection they offer, Ampocket stands out as one of the best manufacturers of armbands. You can get the Aero i-10 for $29.95, while the Xtreme i-30 costs $39.95 USD and they both come backed with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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