Best Armbands for iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s

An iPhone offers such a great deal of functions and features that it is practically impossible for many users to think about going anywhere without their device. Even if you are running or practicing your favourite sport, you may want to bring your iPhone along to enjoy great music or to make sure that you are available in case someone needs to contact you. Thanks to armbands designed to carry your iPhone comfortably and securely, you will be able to have your device with you at all times. If you regularly practice sports and want to keep your iPhone handy, an armband is a must-have accessory.
There are a few things that you need to consider when getting an armband for your device. For instance, it is important to make sure that the armband’s material is light and of good quality and also that the iPhone fits perfectly on it. The armband should give you easy access to your iPhone so that you can control its functions and should have a cut out for the ports so that you can plug in your headphones. Even though armbands would be mainly required for those who are into exercising, there is a large selection of options available in the market for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s. We have listed the accessories that meet high standards of quality and convenience.

Belkin Ease-fit Armband
Belkin is known for producing convenient accessories and the Ease-fit armband is a great example of simple design and quality that this manufacturer offers. Its lightweight design and adjustable strap ensure maximum comfort for your workout. While the armband is thin, it is also sturdy, which ensures that your iPhone is protected while you run or jump. The Ease-fit is also a favourite of many thanks to its low price that starts at just $9.99 from Belkin or Amazon.

Griffin 605849-TRNT Trainer Armband
Designed for iPhone 4/4s, this armband from Griffin is a simple and practical accessory that offers great flexibility to keep your iPhone handy while you exercise. It is well-built and its design is lightweight and gives you easy access to the touchscreen. For just $12.99, this product from Griffin will allow you to ensure that your iPhone is with you, even if you are running, in case you need it.

Marware SportShell Convertible
Marware accessories are very popular and the SportShell Convertible is in our list of favourite armbands, thanks to features such as interchangeable features that make it quite versatile. It comes with a hard shell case that gives you easy access to all the functions in your iPhone. It has clip locks that allow for hands-free viewing in portrait and landscape modes. It is easily adjustable and it offers a great fit. You can rotate it and move it around without taking your iPhone out. You can get it for $28.99 from Gomarblue or Amazon .

Aero i-10 by Armpocket
Armpocket produces a wide range of armbands that suit runners and anyone that has an active lifestyle. Their Aero i-10 model is incredible comfortable and convenient, allowing you to carry your iPhone while you are on the go. It offers durability and a simple design that is water and sweat resistant. It has been manufactured with eco-friendly materials and is machine washable. It is light enough to ensure that you can carry it without any issues and you can get it in Black, Purple, Orange, Red, Pink and more. The price for this practical armband is $29.95 from Amazon or

Incase Sports Ambassador
Incase Sports CL69048 is a great water/sweat resistant armband that offers a convenient fit and comfortable and durable material. It will keep your iPhone dry, while the armband is perfectly adjusted to ensure that you enjoy your workout without any concern. The design is simple and sturdy, ensuring that you can adjust it as required for optimum comfort. You can get it for $39.95 on ($32.95 on Amazon).

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